June 2010

Bouncing Back

The weekend series with the Yankees obviously was a tough one. There was a lot happening — extra media in the clubhouse, an entirely different atmosphere that comes with the Yankees. To lose a game like Sunday night’s, with a four-run lead in the ninth with your closer coming in and you think it’s locked up, it was going to be really interesting to see how we responded. You can respond two ways — you can have a hangover from the loss or go back out and continue to fight. I liked what I saw in our first game against the Giants. Now we’re playing teams back in our division where we’ve had a lot of success. We can gain serious ground going head to head with the teams we need to beat. The guys are excited for Interleague Play to be over. We obviously didn’t play well, but that’s over and it’s good to get back in the National League and games in our division. — Reed

Comfortable in Fenway

I’ve always been a guy who enjoyed history in general, so I really enjoy the history of this city and this field. And  being with Toronto for five years, coming here three times a year, I have a good feel for visiting here and playing here. This and Yankee Stadium are two parks that are really fun to play in because there’s so much electricity and tradition for the game and you get the feel of what it was like 100 years ago. It’s a pretty cool experience, just to see the guys that haven’t played here before and to seek the looks on their faces when they first came out Friday and looked at the Green Monster. You see the way they built the place, with beams blocking the view of some seats, that this is the way it was 50, 60, 70 years ago and you recognize that things haven’t changed. And to think that you’re walking down the same tunnel to the field that Mickey Mantle walked when he played the Red Sox. How cool is that? — Reed