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It takes a team …

I think every Major League outfielder played infield at some point. Usually they were all shortstops on their Little League teams. I was messing around and fielding ground balls in Toronto when they had some young kids coming up in the outfield like Adam Lind and guys who could swing the bat and they were flirting with the idea of moving me to second base. I took some ground balls, but I’m a lot more comfortable out in the oufield, and we’ll leave it at that.

We’ve got some guys in the middle of the order who are big production guys who are out of the lineup, and that makes it tough. To say we’re not going to miss guys like Ramy and Milton, you’re just kidding yourself. You’re going to miss them. At the same time, this team has pride in how deep we are off the bench. Over a 162-game schedule, you’re going to have injuries and guys off the bench will need to step up and fill in those spots and hold down the fort until they get back. That’s what we’ll try to do in this situation. Hopefully, none of the injuries are that serious. We’ll have those guys back and hopefully Marmol back ASAP because we’re going to need all of them.

— Reed