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Cup of coffee

A guy like Bobby Scales, you see how hard he works. He’s the first one down in the cage and one of the last ones to leave. He puts the work in. He’s been in the Minor Leagues for a long time. I think somebody like that really deserves a shot. To see him come up here the first time last week, when it was up in the air whether Ramy was going on the DL or not, and then to have him go down and you’re thinking, “Man, that might be his only shot to be here.” To be back a week later, it means a lot, and not only to him but to other guys in the clubhouse who see how hard he works. Guys like that, they deserve a shot.

I remember when I was first called up. I was in Triple-A and it was the fourth or fifth inning of the game. The manager took me out of the game — it was only two weeks into the season. He said, “Hey, I’m going to give you the rest of the day off.” It didn’t make sense because it was only a couple weeks into the season. He said, “You’re going to Toronto tomorrow.” It was a good feeling. It’s probably the same feeling Bobby is having now. You look at the sacrifices you made and all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve gone through the last however many years you were in the Minor Leagues. To see all that and that you got to your goal — now your job is to stay here. He’s one of those guys who everybody is happy to see get called up.

— Reed