My first blog

This is my first post, and in my blog, there could be a lot of hatred toward me from my teammates. I’m going to be calling them out throughout the year, mostly Fontenot. Fontenot will probably be inserted in my blog at least once a week. Whether or not the subject is about how Aaron Miles has a lot of work to do to be as good looking as Mark DeRosa or whether it’s me giving somebody else a hard time on the team like first base coach Matt Sinatro, there will always be some joke about Mike Fontenot at the end. Every day, he does something that has to be talked about.

Instead of me picking a name for the blog, fans can send suggestions. They can base the name off the 2009 Cubs or they can come up with something to give me a hard time.

This will be fun, and I’ll try to give the fans an inside look as to what it’s like in the clubhouse. One thing I don’t do that much is smile and look like I’m having a good time on the field. I want them to see another side of the players, like when we were at the Cubs Convention and did a “For Women Only” panel. This will be a behind the scenes kind of thing. They might see me on the field and say, “Man, he looks like a real serious guy.” Off the field, guys are totally different.

Mark DeRosa told me the Mexican team called and wanted him to play for them in the World Baseball Classic. I thought he was joking, but he said Team Mexico called him. He’s always kidding around but he was serious about this.

My blog is definitely going to be better than DeRosa’s. I’m definitely going to be tougher on my teammates.

FONTENOT: DeRo’s a good guy. Reed’s an idiot.

JOHNSON: There you go. Maybe I’ll insert Font twice a week after that comment.



    reed johnson, i prob. couldnt have picked a better guy to do this years blog, but my first suggestion for the name of the blog would be something like, mayb “Platoon” ? ? lol worth a try. based on reed having to platoon this year in center field with k.f. of course.

  2. sanguineblue

    How about ..
    The patch… of course you would have to keep the chin hair up. Or perhaps the Cubbie Patch, you could even dye it blue.
    It’s kind of a play on the pulse that that guy did last year, what was his name again?
    How soon we forget.

  3. greenm59

    I have to say Reed, the “For Women Only” panel was hilarious! I think you should go with a name that has something to do with your billy goat goatee, its beasty dude.

  4. crzblue2

    Welcome Reed! I was ready to suggest something with “101” in it but then I noticed you are a local boy! I live in the San Gabriel valley and work in the San Fernando valley. I do commute on the Metrolink so I don’t have to put put up with the traffic. Long days/nights when my beloved Dodgers are in town though.
    Do tell me you grew up being a Dodger fan. Good luck and welcome to the MLB Blog!

  5. ccrbirdbrained

    Hey, Reed…it’s weird saying that, because it’s my last name. Welcome to MLBlogs! Since you are a Cub, we must be sworn enemies. But as a fellow blogger, I promise not to be unfair or inappropriate in any way. That’s right…I will be completely fair and appropriate with my jabs and disparaging remarks. Go Cardinals!


  6. redbirdchatter

    If Miles wants to be better looking than DeRosa, he needs to pull out last year’s Cardinals home Jersey. Every guy looks hot in that. : ) Seriously, wish you all the best personally, look forward to reading your posts, but I hope my Cards win the division. How about “Why can’t I be a Cardinal?” as the title of your blog. ; )

  7. jasonpiscia

    Reed: Good to see you’ll blogging the season. Can’t wait to read it and can’t wait to see you guys at Wrigley this year.

    As for your blog name, how about “Reed’s Screed.” The dictionary defines ‘screed’ as an informal piece of writing (as a personal letter) or a ranting piece of writing.

    Based on your description on how things are going to go around here, it looks like that definition fits it to a T. πŸ™‚

    Have a great season.

  8. sammio43

    Reed – Got a suggestion for your blog’s title: RJ’s Cubbie Corner. Good luck this year, if you have any extra time check out Sam’s Yankees Blog and leave a comment or two. Peace, my friend.


    No suggestions on a title, however, I look forward to reading what you’ve got to say, Fontenot (& other team mate) jokes, and just getting to “see” the real side of you. I enjoyed DeRosa’s blog last year…I know this year will be even better! πŸ™‚


    Reed – You have a sort of “(base) balls to the wall” style of play. Your blog should reflect that. How about: (Base) Balls to the Blog! If Mike gives you any trouble tell him to take a great big giant jump off of that trampoline he got for Ryan.


    Reed, just wondering if you kept the little ninja I gave you at the Cubs Convention?!?
    I totally think The Ninja Diaries is a great name for your blog. Good luck this year! Thank goodness Hendry was smart enough to keep you. I know I’ll be in the bleachers sportin’ my Johnson shirt.
    Excellent first entry. I look forward to reading this throughout the season!
    S, aka crazy ninja giving Cubs/Reed Johnson fan.


    I agree with ninja diaries. Maybe, ninja in the outfield?

    Glad to have you back this year, Reed!


    I agree with ninja diaries. Maybe, ninja in the outfield?

    Glad to have you back this year, Reed!


    I agree with ninja diaries. Maybe, ninja in the outfield?
    Glad to have you back this year, Reed!


    Something with ninja in the title, definitely. You are the ninja of the field of sure… Wrigley Ninja sounds good to me πŸ™‚

    Good luck this year, I’m psyched that you’re doing this blog!


    Something with ninja in the title, definitely. You are the ninja of the field of sure… Wrigley Ninja sounds good to me πŸ™‚

    Good luck this year, I’m psyched that you’re doing this blog!

  17. bestestfanever

    How about “Reed my Johnson”

    or “Worth Reeding”

    or “Weekly Reeder”

    or “Not Muskat”

    or “Cubhouse Clubhouse”

    or “View from the Showers”

    or “Covering Center”

    or “Life as a Cubbie”


    reed bleed blue
    center of things
    of the ivy
    the other side of waveland
    reed my mind
    reed the world serious
    ivy reed
    reed white and blue


    If Aaron Miles thinks he’s better looking than De-ro, than maybe you should remind him that he probably couldn’t win a midget beauty contest. Which of course is the only contest he would be allowed to enter in the real world.

    Since there is apparently so much to talk about Fonty, I suggest that you name the blog after him. Something like: Edgar Rentaria’s elbow. Or: I’ve never been on a roller coaster yet. Or: I play 2nd base for the Cubs, because the Lollypop guild wasn’t hiring.

    All in good fun. Of course.


    I am so happy to see another great cub doing a blog, i was sad to see derosa go but this is just great for the fans to get a look inside. Suggestion for a title THE REED DEAL (instead of the real deal) I look foward to another great season and blog. Keep up the great work and GO CUBS…


    I think I have The Name for your blog. Living in Canada but born in Chicago, I knew what to expect when the Cubs grabbed you last year.
    You haven’t disappointed me.
    “Between the Lines”
    should be the title.
    Two reasons – you know how the game should be played ‘between the lines’ and you do it.
    The other reason is the double meaning…”read between the lines” (I’m a retired English teacher)
    Keep getting your pants dirty and stay healthy.

  22. cubbiegirls

    I’m going to second or third or fourth naming the Blog “Ninja in the Outfield”. Do you still have the ninja from the convention???

    I think you’re going to find the joke about Miles being hotter than DeRo falling flat with the female audience.

    That said, commence with the Fontenot commentary! And here’s an idea: get a picture of him standing next to Sean Marshall and post it. We could have a contest, sort of like guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar. “How many Fontenots does it take to equal Sean Marshall?” I’m guessing we need 1.5 Mikes to equal Sean’s height.

  23. Violin

    Great for you doing this man, best wishes for you in the team this year.
    Some suggestions that I liked from above and my own.

    “Reed Feed”
    “Reed my Johnson”
    “Ivy Reed”
    “Fonty by Reed”

  24. puppychow8

    Not bad for your first blog Reed, you should probably stick to Baseball though!

    I think you should name your Blog… Chin Salad..

    Have a great year Reed!

    Charlie B

  25. cubsmaster1782

    Hey Reed!
    Great year last year! you were certainly a lot better than i first thought you were!

    I think the Name “Reed’s Breed” should work out fine.


    I like the “Reed between the lines” suggestion for the title. Looking forward to your “Fonte-notes”
    Have a great season!


    hey reed, well i like the cubs and you guys are great i cant come up with anything so i dnt know but have a great season and go cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. tdog2007

    Landing Strip would be the perfect name for the blog, for the chin hair of course.

    By the way, helluva catch in Washington last season. The best part was watching DeRosa stand there looking into the bullpen in stunned amazement! The flipped up cap was just icing on the cake…


    Hey Reed, so glad to have you reporting on “MY” Cubs.
    How about “Reed’s report from the Cubbie Den”


    having been a cubs fan from 1982 I was really appalled when they picked you up last year. but I must say you have been a really good aquisition I keep my fingers crossed that you will be on the field everyday so we can win more games and go deeper in the playoffs. I come from an Island in the caribbean Called Antigua, where the base ball culture is very small but we do keep it alive by watching our CUBS on WGN. I saw my first cubs game in puerto rico they played the montreal expos that day and we lost you should hear my heart break. anyways my good man all the best for the season and we’ll be rooting for you and our cubbies here in Antigua.


    Hi Reed,

    Serendipitously met you as you were waiting for DeRo and his wife, Jimmy Edmonds with wife and a couple kids and Jason Marquis and his wife as my wife and I were having a drink after the game. You took the time to chat and you were a good guy, pleasant and obviously excited to be in Chicago. My wife and I were both impressed and glad to have you.

    Anyway, I’d go for Reed’s Hustle – significant of your style of play and your stated intention of having some fun with the blog.

    Regardless of what you call it, I’ll enjoy it and look forward to seeing you playing in the field more often than not and reading your blog whenever you post. And maybe even saying hello at a local dining establishment


  32. ronthew

    How about “Reeding is fun!”

    Kind of a play on words like those reading posters you see in libraries that have celebrities on them.

    Anyway, great first post Reed. Last year I loved reading “inside” stuff about the team, it’s players, and all the stuff off the field. Baseball has always been one of those sports where fan’s don’t get much of a chance to see what goes on off the field, so keep up the good work!


    Reed-All about it. You know, like the paper boys in the movies. Extra, Extra. Reed, all about it. My $.02.

  34. jakki218

    Your first blog was great – look forward to a season of reading the blog! Here’s a thought for the title: “Behind the Scenes with Reed”.

    Don’t pick on Mike Fontenot (too much)! πŸ™‚

  35. waveland_slim

    Reed, buddy you rule. You were a huge spark for this team last year. Why weren’t you given any at bats in the playoffs? Anyhow, I love the names (already mentioned) The Reed Feed and Fonte-notes. I’ll throw mine into the hat
    Reed’s Creed
    Hard Fuzz: wood, leather and facial hair
    Reed to succeed
    Reedtenot: small men, big leagues
    Small man, large… bat: The Reed Johnson Story

    I have a feeling I’ll be seeing white slice again come playoff time. Maybe that will get you more playing time.

  36. dawniecubsfan

    Glad to see someone on the team blogging again this year. I always enjoyed DeRo’s blog and am looking forward to reading yours.
    I like “Reed’s Feed” and “Behind the Ivy”.

    Go CUBBIES!!!


    I immediately came up with the name of “Reed’s Read”

    Thanks for your hard work with the team!

  38. trishpa

    Reed – So happy to have you blogging for us this year! I fully expect that RJ Fan Club on the Message Board will grow like your chin salad (that’s my vote for your blog title, though it’s hard to resist the Johnson jokes). Keep up the good work and see you in two weeks at the Giants ST game.


    That guy from the island wrote appalled. I’m confident that he misspelled applauded. I look forward to some sword sharp wit in THE NINJA DIARIES!!!! Rock out with your socks out Bra! —-JE


    Glad to see you’ll be blogging for us fans this year. I enjoyed DeRo’s blog last year, but I think you’ll offer a bit more insight for us fans who can’t get enough.

    Here are my name suggestions:
    – Playing With Johnson
    – Chinmuffin’
    – Johnson Chin Music
    – Reed My Lips
    – The Johnson Feed
    – Wrigley Slice
    – Balls to the Wall
    – Fontenot’s Envy

    I’m looking forward to the season and another trip to the playoffs. Here’s a few topics I’d be interested in hearing about this season.

    – How Fukudome has adjusted to playing in the US this year over last year. I don’t underestimate how difficult it must have been for him to come in and play here without speaking the language, without knowing the opposing pitchers, and being far from friends and family. How’s his english coming along?

    – If Fontenot prefers crawfish or gator.

    – How Milton Bradley has affected the line-up. I think he’s going to be a force and I look forward to seeing him in there everyday creating havoc for the opposition.

    – Now that DeRo’s biceps are gone, who’s the man in the weight room?

  41. pieintheskie

    This one is my first instinct…cheesy buy, well, I like cheese:

    Reed’s in the wind.

    Hot air from the coach, living with a platoon? and playing in Chicago…anything I missed?


    Dude you gotta bring back the fu-man-chu you had last year. That was awesome! Also see if you can get The name “Fuzzy” to stick for Mike and get Kasper and Brenly to say it on air. That would be really awesome! Fuzzy could be a way to razz him bout his inferior facial hair abilities. Anyway glad your still with us….Go Cubs Go!!! Oh, you could name the blog “The buzz about the Fuzz”


    A. this is gonna b great, glad you’re doin this reeder

    B. i think it should be called “Reeder’s Reader”

    C. please dont dye the soul patch, we dont want anybody copying Spezio….he’s a tool

  44. cozzi22

    Reed i’m so happy you’re doing the blog this year! you are honestly my favorite Cub and i am not just saying that, your catch in washington still flashes in my head. i’ll be in the bleachers front row all the time cheering you on! for the name, i’d say either ‘the billy goatee’ or ‘not fontenot’ GOOD LUCK!!


    Hey there Reed, I have to agree with an earlier post, Reed’s Screed is excellent, maybe Screed of Reed. You are a great player, I hope you stay in Chicago a long time. I love the way you play the game and look forward to reading your blog every week.
    Best wishes to you and the team!

  46. indians

    Looking forward to watching Mark play third base here in Cleveland. We also got Kerry for the Back end of our Pen, He should be fun to watch too. Best of luck to you..

  47. rhiannondenine

    Reed- You know, you did seem like a straight-laced kinda guy until I saw you at the Convention! Let me just say that you were hilarious. I think your post should have something to do with your love for Theriot- seemed like the two of you had a man crush going on there. I think that’s something you have in common with DeRo… last year he told me at the Convention that he had a man crush on Howry. There’s some fodder for your next post.

  48. cubschick7

    Reed, I’m still so very sad that DeRo won’t be with the team this year but you’ve brightened my day a bit with your blog. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I hope you and all the Cubbies have a fantastic year. I’ll be cheering for both the Cubs and The Tribe.

  49. cubs8228

    Hey Reed! I love how you play the game. CSUF represent!

    As for the name…how about “Reeding Up” or “The Grind.”


    Just leave it called “The Pulse” grow a neatly trimmed beard and maybe no one will notice? Like when they replaced Becky on “Roseanne”.


    Reed, I am looking forward to seeing more of you this year on the Field. You play the game the right way. Keep it up man, and I sincerely hope to see you in Cubby blue for a long, long time.

  52. djnos7




  53. navi9ator

    You really fill the hole in center. So let me join everybody who wants you to name this place Reed’s Big Johnson Blog.


    You’ve been such an exciting addition to the Cubs – I love to watch you play !! Your blog was hilarious…….can’t wait to read more !!


    So glad you’re doing the blog Reed. I like The Reed Feed for the blog name. Looking forward to a great season!


    hey reed! how ’bout “get to know your fontenot’?! lol. i’m a fontenot fan so, i wouldn’t mind seeing his name in the title. besides, it has a nice ring to it and it might help set the mood of that lighter side to the players that you mentioned. GO CUBS GO!!!!!

  57. iluvtheriot

    Hey Reed your amazing my best friend loves you, love the first blog and i love your idea but how bout picking on theriot sometimes after all he is your “Man Crush” you and theriot had fun picking on each other at the convention id love to see what you have to say bout him on here but dont get me wrong i love fontenot too, i love all you cubs (except soriano) cant wait for the season to start GO CUBS 09 is our year!!!!


    Reed….you are my favorite player on the Cubs team. I think you are extremely underrated as one of the best players. You always put your all into trying to catch the ball, hitting the ball—everything, and i just wanted to say thank you. good luck this season. stay true to the cubby blue πŸ™‚


    ps. how bout this for a name? “breed more of reed” hahaha

  59. mysteryman7327us

    How about this…..put a picture of you standing next to Fontenot at the top of the blog, and call it “Say Hello to My Little Friend!”

  60. believeinblue

    So great to have you doing this Blog Reed! I think that “Worth Reeding” is also a great name, but there were lots of other good ones as well. Keep up the great work Reed, and we hope you stay in Cubbie Blue for years to come!

  61. cubbieblue4evr

    Hey Reed i think your like the perfect person to be doing this blog! I love how your going to include Mike because i LOVE both of you! As for the names i like the ReedFeed, or The Beard & Mustache… haha well not the second i gusse but the first one yes.. and good luck during spring training!


    Been a fan of yours even when you were a Blue Jay. Became a bigger fan after that dive, against Washington I believe that’s who it was against.
    One… Do you know if DeRo is bloggin for Cleveland?
    Two… The name of your blog should be “Rants and Reed”
    I think it would fit due to the fact you said so yourself that your gonna express the issues that need to be addressed, and plus, with Fontenot, that dude has mess with me written on his face. He must be eating his wheaties, in between innings. Come on seriously, as little as he is, he is gonna either walk or drive the ball, he has no strike zone. LOL. Good Luck this year Cubbies. And can you share your views as far as the closing position?


    hey reed i thin your awsome for this because i think your really funny after hearing you on the For women Only Pannel at the cubs convention. I love that your going to include Mike because both of ou are my favorite players and Ryan Thriot! umm as for names… The ReedFeed, Behind The Scenes With Reed, Reed In The Clubhouse, or The RJ, something along the lines of them. Umm well hope to see you this year! GO CUBS”09!!!!!

    Love You Guys

  64. wan65

    Reed…awesome…Love the effort…everyday…

    how about something like…”Tell Lou I’m Left handed”

    what is with that guy and lefties?

    Johnson Jots… Read Reed…

    Running into the wall…. full speed….

    I don’t man…you call it… you’re the CF…you call’em all.
    Good Luck….Go Cubs Go


    Hey, looking forward to your comments. Don’t be too hard on Mike Fontenot! I miss Mark DeRosa, but, am glad you are on the team. GO CUBBIES!!!

  66. cubbies73

    Yay! I am so glad your doing a blog Reed. I loved reading DeRo’s blogs. I like The Reed Feed myself. That dive in Washington was just sick man! Loved it!!! Your one of my favorites Reed and I look forward to seeing the Cubs play this year. Go Cubs Go!!!


    Hi, Reed.
    I wanted to say thanks for being so gracious to the fans. We were at ST a couple weeks ago and you signed for my son– twice.
    You were very nice & patient and signed for everyone in line.
    I know you like baseball history, so if you haven’t read it already, please check out the book “Crazy ’08” by Cait Murphy. It’s a fabulous look at the entire 1908 MLB season.
    Thanks again & best of luck this season!


    Congrats on the new blog Reed. You are one of my favorite players. As for the name, I like “Reed’s Rundown.”


    I’m excited your doing a blog!
    You were REALLY funny at the cubs convention.
    You should see if you can grow a beard like those Asian emperors

  70. ronlang44

    Look forward to your posts this year! How ’bout a name with “Soul Patch” in it? You could even dye it a different color from week to week this season. Let the readers decide the color. Just kidding of course. Whatever name you choose doesn’t matter to me. As long as you keep blogging and let us share with you our thoughts that would be cool.

    Also, Ryan Theriot is my 4 year daughter’s favorite player.


  71. welikeroywelikeroy

    Hey Reed,

    I’m Blue Jay fan that was sad when you left, and the organization went with Shannon Stewart (ick!). Ya!! That guy worked out great! I’m being sarcastic here. You had one of the best batting averages with RISP last season. The Jays were one of the worst teams at RISP last season. Way to prove to them that they are not smart for cutting ties with you!!!

    I was at the game where you hit a lead off homerun, and a walk-off homerun ironically against the Cubs. It was one of the best games I’ve ever been too! Beautiful day too!! Thanks for making that day special for me and hope that you have continued success!

  72. lily76365

    Don’t get me wrong, you are an awesome player and seem to be a great guy, but I’m reading your blog with mixed feelings. I was devastated that DeRo was traded so it sucks that he’s not doing the blog this year. I know I will love your blog as much as I loved his, but it’s going to take time! : ) How about keeping the name “The Pulse” in memory of DeRo? : )

  73. cubbybloo

    How about Reed between the Johnson, Just Kidding. Good to have you blogging Mr. Johnson… I enjoy getting a glimpse into the life of a major league ball player. I hope you have a great season.

  74. giveitall

    hey reed, on yesterday’s game, Len and Bob were talking about beards. The said that Bob didn’t recognize you when he saw you during winter because of the fact that your beard covered most of your face. They also said that Chad Gaudin looked wierd with his beard and its about “3 foot” long. Any chance of seeing you on the field with a 5 foot long beard while playing???

    btw, for the name of the blog, why not try this “pietrisycamollaviadelrechiotemexity.” It is the state or condition of not having the faintest idea what’s going on. Its kinda long but seems fun to use it, tho it would suck if someone has that as his/her last name.

    good luck with the game today against the White Sox and Go Cubs!

    ps: I want to be in the bleachers when the Cubs go marching in!

  75. hotkorner

    It’s great to engage your audience, but you’re authoring the Blog, the title should come from you. Besides, it’s perfect… you play between the lines, the play on the word read also tells us who is the writer, and you are suggesting if we Reed between the lines there may be more to a story. For instance, your office is a locker room, I don’t know if when you make fun of Fontenot’s size, you are talking about his height.

  76. dsrjane1

    Well Reed, people have already taken the ideas I had, and posed some even better ones, for the title of your blog, so there ya go! I’m really glad you are writing it…you are one of my favorite players, maybe my favorite. I love the way that you are a student of the game itself, and how you play hard, and get it done…sometimes it not always about the big clutch hit that wins the game (though I know I’ve seen you do that.) Sometimes it’s about the basics… great defense, base hits, sac bunts, aggressive base running…. you know. I’m really glad you came to the Cubs and I hope to see you out there at Wrigley for many years.

  77. believer

    Hey reed I though you were being a little hard on Font, after all your both little guys. But wait, if you had hair you would be much taller. Sorry brother I could not help my self.


    I’m going to agree with Fontenot on that last part. =P JK well about the you being an idiot part. DeRo is a good guy. And he will be VERY much so missed. I must admit I’m now a tad bit of an Indians fan. Cubbies will always be #1 though. Hope you have a great season!! I’ll be seeing you April 22nd!


    I’m a huge Mikey fan and love the fact that you rip on him. Being a southern boy myself I know it’s tough on him because it takes us a while to think of a comeback. Hit him square one time for me….and don’t drive the ladies too crazy on opening day.


    I finally got a chance to read not only your first blog but your following ones as well. I’m looking forward to reading them on a regular basis.

    I love the name you’ve got so far “Reed between the lines” but how about making that a little more Wrigley and calling it:

    Reed between the VINES

    Good luck this year! GO CUBS GO!!



    I have been a cubs fan my entire life and am excited to watch this team, but I still think there is something missing. For one YOU should be playing center field because you guarantee the fans that you are gonna give 110%. I don’t know if there is really a leader on this team, but I really love the enthusiasm of Zambrano. Look , the cubs can’t just win anymore, you all have to go out there and be like Tiger Woods!!!



    I have been a cubs fan my entire life and am excited to watch this team, but I still think there is something missing. For one YOU should be playing center field because you guarantee the fans that you are gonna give 110%. I don’t know if there is really a leader on this team, but I really love the enthusiasm of Zambrano. Look , the cubs can’t just win anymore, you all have to go out there and be like Tiger Woods!!!


    Johnson Jots sounds good to me! Keep up the good work Reed! Show KF and MB who is the king of the outfield!

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