Drumsticks, hamburgers and French toast

Guys are sticking up for Milton. MLB was basing its argument on Milton bumping the umpire, and if that’s the case, and the bill of his helmet did happen to graze the umpire’s hat, I never saw the umpire move back or anything. I don’t think anyone thought Milton would get suspended. It’s unfortunate he did. It is only one game.

We recognize as players the era we play in, and that any time you have a good year and hit a couple home runs, people will talk about performance enhancing drugs or things of that nature. That’s something we’re prepared for. If you happen to go on a tear or hit five or six home runs in a week, people are going to assume it’s a steroid issue. I think we’ve got to be happy as an organization and happy as players who are part of the Players Association that we’ve taken steps to try to clean the game up. Most of the issues that have been talked about — besides Manny Ramirez — have happened in the past. That’s something we can be proud of as a group. We’ve done our job to clean things up, and if you use and you’re caught, you’re going to be suspended.

Theriot’s thing is hamburgers. He eats a lot of Drumsticks. Have you seen those ice cream things? I’ve seen him eat French toast. I just follow him around and try to eat whatever he eats. He’ll occasionally take his shirt off and go in the weight room but he just works beach muscles. It’s not functional stuff that would help you on the baseball field. He goes in there and does bi’s and tri’s and chest, and then checks out his spray tan in the mirror. Maybe we’ll start getting on Theriot a little more. He gives me a high five the next day when he sees something in the paper I said about him. Font gets upset. Theriot’s off to a great start, and not on the juice.

— Reed


  1. 2cubs17

    Ryan Theriot on steroids? Please! I’M severely offended by that rumor …and I’m not even Ryan Theriot. The cause for Theriot doing so well is….his awesomeness. Plain and simple — He’s The Riot. Tell him to keep eating those drumsticks!

    Nice hitting and some really nice catches the last game, Reed! I hope we get to see more of you out there soon.

  2. schmitz8500@yahoo.com

    Theriot can eat whatever he wants as long as he continues to play like he’s been playing. I enjoy your comments about the players . Keep it up! Would love to learn more about Soto…Keep up the great work, Reed. It’s awesome to see your name in the line up!!!

  3. juliasrants

    It is very sad that any time a player of late does something great/has a hitting streak/whatever there is the whispered steroids use question. It is very unfair to all the players who play clean. Good luck to all of you.


  4. cubsjunkie2

    I was so upset when I heard this. I am one of the biggest Theriot fans out there. I’ve been watchin him since I was 9 and he was playing for LSU. That crap is garbage. Just because someone that’s not Albert Pujols or Fons is hitting homers, he’s on steriods? These people are LAME.

  5. eamus.catuli42@gmail.com

    French toast is awesome. So are drumsticks. Clearly more people should be eating these foods!

    Thanks for a chuckle, as always. 🙂

  6. luvmycubz

    The article was absolutely BS, to go out and throw names out there because he has been on fire???? PLEASE!!! I don’t think I am alone in being absolutely sick and tired of the media feeding us this steriod stuff. Sure, when a player gets tested and found to have abused the policy, write about it. That is news they are paid to write about. But when a player who plays the game right and has worked to find a way to be even more productive, certain members of the media have to throw those players under the bus and tell us they are now “suspect”???? Is this all they can find to write about on a rain out day? But to just tell us that he is suspect because he has been hitting home runs is just a writer trying to stir the pot. I’m happy for Ryan and whether it is ice cream, french toast or whatever, keep him eating it! And, Reed…..GREAT POST!

  7. edelweiss

    People can say what they want about Milton Bradley. He may be emotional, but is really a big Teddy bear. The other day, the cameras panned into the dugout, and caught him giving little nail biting Mike Fontenot an encouraging hug, while he, himself is still struggling. That says more about his character than anything else. The reason he gets into trouble is that he is big and confrontational. If you are bigger than the umpire, stay back. Mike has disagreed with umpires, but he isn’t big enough to get in their faces, so they pretty much ignore him. By the way, all over the North Side and suburbs, people are lighting candles for Mike, hoping he can break out of his slump soon, and stay in Lou’s good graces until he does.

  8. millirose

    Once again thank you for your blog! I love reading it. I was very offended as well about the whole Theriot is using steriods. It’s sad that we live in a time where it’s easier to assume that someone is using drugs than just working hard to get better. I hope you all just brush these things off and keep swinging those bats hard because you know that teams thought as soon as so many of the players they consider ‘stars’ got injured we would just falter and give up, but other players who are great but lived in the shadows are now stepping out and showing that as a team we can make it through this part. With slumping players, injured players and regulars off days, we will not give up! Fontenot will come out of his slump soon, I know it and Soto is starting to pick up. How about his first homerun?! I think my whole apartment building heard me yelling in excitement. 🙂 I do like seeing you in the line-up and love the way that you play center. So focused on the ball and then…oops, there is the wall. Hey, I got the ball though. lol You’re great and I hope we get to see more of you in the line-up. Especially August 8 when my sister and I go to Colorado to see you guys stomp the Rockies! 😀 Keep swinging like you mean it!

  9. dagroove

    Seems to me Fontenot needs to worry more about Bobby Scales taking his job than what’s written about him in the paper!

  10. jakki218

    Ryan Theriot is just living up to his nickname of “The Riot”. I guess the reporter had nothing better to write about that day so he had to make something up. I’m rooting for Font to get out of his slump! Maybe he should follow Theriot around, like you, and start eating the hamburgers and drumsticks. 🙂 Thanks for the blog and good luck this season!

  11. randyfan36

    Hey Reed,
    Glad you posted again, it’s been a while.
    Does “the RIOT” get his burgers from Culver’s?

    This whole steroid thing is crazy. Maybe he hits well because he is a great baseball player! The journalist must be a Sox fan.
    I trust every one of you guys. It’s been over a year since I’ve been in Wrigley, but this summer I hope we can make a game or two. To see some of you guys again and to see Geo Soto for the first time! Reed, it gives me goosebumps!!!

    Now keep it comin’ and let’s go 5-0 on this homestand!


  12. ninkellee@hotmail.com


    You need to get on here more and give Fontenot a harder time; he is slackin’ a bit and I don’t want him to lose his starting position when Ramirez returns…. So, tell Font to suck it up and give him a hard time.

    As for Theriot. We’ve always known he is this good; it is just that the masses are picking up on it and have to contribute any success to steroids. It is just human habit- there HAS to be a reason.

    Keep up the great blog. Gotta fill DeRo’s shoes.

  13. jmarhar@gmail.com

    I wish all of you guys had blogs! I love reading these. I wonder, do you read the comments?

  14. angel17@mchsi.com

    Absolutely love TheRiot!!!! Also love your blogs, Reed. You are doing an amazing job taking over the blog. You should do personal interviews with Fonty and Theriot, and Dempster would be a good one, too. Guess you have to keep your Blackhawk playoff beard going, huh? Love it.

  15. mugabi123@sbcglobal.net

    Love your insight. I’m glad the Cubs had sense enough to keep you here as we see how important a guy like DeRosa was by not having him now. It’s nice to never say “oh, here comes so-and-so” when your in the game like it’s an out or error waiting to happen. In fact, I’m all for more playing time for a Reed Johnson.

    It seems to me both The Riot and Fontenot would be fun guys to rib and get on. I heard Font doesn’t like nicknames like the pocket rocket.

    Keep up the good blogs, you are an exceptional replacement and I as a fan, I appreciate your staying off the juice and representing my team with the tough, hard nosed approach. Go Cubs!


  16. chemgod61@hotmail.com

    How about some Twinkies for breakfast this weekend . . . you guys could even bread and saute ’em like french toast (or not). Thanks for the blog, Reed; Go Cubbies!

  17. grandoldgame

    Theriot is a very good ballplayer, despite what some of the baseball rags and mags have said about him. He actually reminds me a bit of Paul Molitor in his approach and his determination, and he’ll do all the little things that make the difference between having a good team and a great team. Fontenot is another guy who adds alot either starting or filling in at multiple positions, kind of like Theriot with more power and less speed.

    Anyway, keep on scrapping, fellas. One way or another, this division belongs to the Cubs.

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