A little chat between teammates

I talked to Milton. It’s just somebody letting him know how good a player he is. If you get behind in the count 0-1 because you feel the umpire made a bad call, you’ve got to have confidence in yourself as a player that you’re better than that and you can overcome that and three, four pitches later, you’re in a hitter’s count and you’re attacking the baseball.

If you don’t take that attitude, you’ll find yourself more times than not sitting back on the bench and not getting to run the bases. That’s something that he’s got to know. No matter how confident you are in your game or how good you are as a player or how talented you are, sometimes you forget that when you go through struggles. Every once in a while, you need somebody to remind you of that. That’s basically all that took place.

This game is so humbling that even the best players in the game — and I guarantee you, Barry Bonds, when he was at his peak, this happened to him — you get that feeling that you’re the worst player on the field. I’ve been through it. The only way I can talk to Milton or anyone else on this team is through experience because I’ve been through the same things as far as confidence and stuff like that. You might not see it. Every hitting coach or manager or guy you’ve played with says, “Don’t let the other team know whether you’re 0-for-20 or 10-for-20.” That’s basically where we’re coming from. Milton’s better than all the stuff that’s going on right now and he can overcome it. That’s pretty much all it was.

— Reed


  1. purpcub

    Can you ask Lou to let you play against righties? I know they think that you can’t hit them but no one is hitting now so how can it hurt to let you try?
    In case you didn’t notice I think you rock! Keep it up Reed you should be in everyday!

  2. tortuguita5

    I think that Milton has really gotten a bad rap. I fully admit that I have been guilty of judging him as well. He has it especially bad because he is new to the team.

    He seems to do well with some positive reinforcement though. I sat in the bleacher box section last night and people were really cheering him on. People need to remember how effective this can be.

    I also saw you two chatting it up while you tossed the ball around. It’s always great to see camaraderie like that. Keep it up!

  3. smiely21@yahoo.com

    I love how you seem to be then encourager on the team. You seem to always see the best in your teamates…they gotta love you for that!

  4. lily76365

    Hey Reed, on a completely different note, I’m hoping you write about Fontenot’s acting debut on My Boys. What a performance! : )

  5. stevellis21

    I don’t know why people are coming down on him so much right now. It is still very early, and hopefully Milton will be seeing 300-350 more more at-bats. By the end of the season he will be back up around .300. It is not so much of how often you hit the ball, it is when you hit it that really counts. Milton has already had some clutch hits for us. I would have to say that if we were in the bottom of the 9th with a runner in scoring position, and the game on the line, Milton is my guy…right behind Ramirez or Reed!

  6. insobaseball

    Reed, first off, keep up the good teamwork! And I’m so glad we finally broke the skid tonight. Let’s put it behind us!

    Also wanted to comment on My Boys; Font was hilarious. Hoffpauer appeared too. I was at Spring Training while they were filming and it was a lot of fun. She’s right; anything is possible in baseball, so is coming back from an 0-8 slide in May to win the division. I have no doubt!
    Thanks for the great blog.

  7. edelweiss

    It seems that Cub fans always wish different players were here when the team slumps. What makes any of them think that those players wouldn’t also slump? If Ramirez were healthy, might not he also have struggled? After all, Lee, Soto, Fontenot, and Bradley have all been excellent hitters, but have slumped lately. As for DeRosa, where would we put him after Rami gets back, and would he accept a utility fill-in only role?. He is a good third baseman, and third base belongs to Ramirez. He came in as a second baseman only because the Cubs didn’t realize what a gem they had in Fontenot. Fontenot is a natural at 2nd base, and his struggles may have begun when he was subbing at third. He could still sub there to give Ramirez a rest, but for prolonged periods, the utility men should be there. There is no way a team can get an exact replacement for a star player, and then expect him to step aside when the player returns.

  8. roxy9

    Great game and great advice. All the times I see you play I have never seen you too upset and you always give it your best, whether it’s robbing a grand slam or hustling to first base to beat the throw, you give 100%, so I can see why you would give advice on it. Nice homers lately and hopefully you can keep that up. I look forward to seeing you on Friday and Sunday, friday right behind the dugout and sunday in the bleachers, I’ll have my Johnson t-shirt on and maybe a sign! See ya then.


  9. cobinwv3@aol.com

    Great pep talk or conversation with Milton! Great words to think about and to live by!
    NOW… Awesome catch today and even better .. THE GAME WINNING HOME RUN!!! You keep on proving that you deserve to be out there everyday!!! You are a true player that loves the game and it shows each and every time you are on the field! Thanks again for another AWESOME preformance!!!!

    Susie Given
    St. Albans, WV

  10. cubbiegirls

    Reed, between the off the field leadership and the timely hitting, has anyone been saying how awesome you are? Keep up the good work! Now, if only you could convince the entire team to wear the socks up…

  11. mhi2sense

    Milton Bradley is a warrior… He was born to be a warrior… He has the drive and burn to be a warrior… and bless his heart and the family who raised him that he applies that to baseball and not something else…. Zambrano is the same way… You tell Bradley I said there ain’t a freaking thing wrong with him… Tell him to keep getting **********, just keep his mouth shut and take it out on the ball… I’ld love to be in a fox hole with Bradley in any war… I KNOW that guy wants to win… not so sure about Derrek Lee… He seems kind of lathargic… But, Milton… you just know that guy wants to drive the ball back up the pitcher’s throat… and that’s a champion right there… Grab that brass ring Milton and don’t let any bad calls stop you… just hit it out of the park and take away the opportunity for the umps to piss you off…. you know you won’t be getting any calls because of your rep… you got to swing away brother… especially with 2 strikes…. Swing away !!!

  12. randyfan36

    Hey Reed,
    It’s so great that you can talk to the players like that. I wouldn’t have pegged you to be a leader. That’s cool. I love knowing you guys encourage and support each other.
    You had an awesome day at Wrigley today! You make those catches look easy!
    Mike Fontenot is the reason I started watching My Boys. Did you see it? I LOVED his performance! He should do that more often!
    I got my Vine Line the other day (feat. Rich Harden). I found out you both love to play guitar. So who’s better, you or Rich?
    By the way, how’s he doing with his back problem?


  13. mhi2sense

    Here’s anohter tip for Bradley…. He always takes the first pitch… in other words… everyone knows he takes the first pitch…. Now, with the SP, you have to do that to eat up the pitches and get him out of there.. So, Bradley is doing what he needs to for the team.. Great player.. But, in late innings once the relief comes in, the catcher is still expecting Bradley (and others) to take the first pitch in every AB…. Pitch counts don’t apply to the relievers, only the starters… so swinging on the first pitch should have a constant green light once the enemy SP is removed from the game…. It’s one of those little things that can turn into a surprise homerun and steal a run from the enemy catcher for allowing himself to be lulled to sleep and think there is a constant in taking the first pitch…

  14. insobaseball

    Reed! Awesome game today! Clutch homerun, but once again your defense…that catch in straightaway CF, against the wall…I think you left a body imprint on the ivy. It’s like an ivy snow-angel!!
    Looking forward to seeing you play more against the upcoming lefties!

  15. a_albertson_90@yahoo.com

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeed! Heck of a game yesterday, buddy. Keep it up. Good to see Lee, Font, and Geo getting some hits lately. Thanks for the blog, it’s always a fun read.

  16. byrdi68

    Good job Reed… You always seem find yourself on the highlights for you great defensive plays each time you play. Congrats on the homer and keep supporting your teammates… I really wish my fellow Cubs fans would get off of D. Lee though….

    Go Cubbies…

  17. gooftrp5@yahoo.com

    First of all, you are my favorite Cub of all-time!!! I don’t ever want you to leave! 🙂 I don’t know that my husband will be OK with me not being a Cubs fan anymore!

    Second of all, thanks for shaving! I love you regardless, but you looked like Grizzly Adams!

    Thirdly, way to go the last couple of games! I was truly excited for you and sad that I didn’t get to watch the games!:(

    Finally, you would not believe how thrilled I was when my husband called me from a game at Wrigley a couple weekends ago and said he had one of your home run balls from batting practice! I was bursting to tell EVERYone I knew! Now, if only I could find a way to get it signed…

  18. art101@bc-gallery.com

    Reed, what a way to go!!! Two games in a row, hopefully Lou will remember your name when making up the team tonight. What a great time for a home run following up that catch.Wow!
    Keep the team loose, if their not having any fun that is when they seem to get into a loosing streak. Was really pleased to see the success the new AAA fellows seem to have last night. Keep up the good work!!!

  19. horsegirl368

    I always love to read the blog! Woo homeruns for you, yeah! Hopefully the Cubs win like the 2 games before… Hey they ended there losing streak. The bright side! Nice fielding & hitting out there!!!

    Go cubs!

  20. cubsown888

    your such a great leader… i think bradly is a good player and a good guy. he just lost his temper and confidence. i know how that is. i think he will get back in it soon and show that he can make a difference out there

  21. thegoodbygirl@gmail.com

    Thanks for talking to Milton, Reed. I know a lot of fans are really frustrated with him right now (I was for quite a while), but I really just feel bad for him now. He’s had such a bad rap from the start, and I just wish everyone could give him a break. He’s starting to have good at-bats, and maybe if he got some more positive feedback from others he’d get his confidence back. Keep up the good work, good luck with your back, and GO CUBBIES!!

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