On the DL – again

I’ll be back, that’s for sure. It’s nothing really serious. There’s just some pain right now from the fracture and it’s not allowing me to function the way I want to. Hopefully in the next couple weeks, I can get some activities in and hopefully, as we get into that third week, I’ll be getting into some serious baseball activity. I don’t think the fracture has a chance of displacing, so that’s good. That means it’s more pain threshold than anything. That’s kind of where I’m at right now.

Samardzija says he can play center? We’ll see. I’ve seen him shag. He’s all right.

— Reed


  1. tortuguita5

    So sorry to hear about your foot Reed, you’ll be missed. Get well soon but don’t come back before your ready, we’ll need you healthy for the playoffs!

  2. tj4ndirish@msn.com

    RJ, sorry about your foot, take your time, Cubbies need you healthy, you are a valuable part of the line up.

    “Shark” in center, that is something to be seen. Can you suggest it to Lou?

  3. millirose

    I hate that you are on the DL again. Take it easy and come back full strength. I’m going to miss seeing you in Colorado when I come to see you guys play. Heal fast. 🙂

  4. marrod1964@yahoo.com

    watched the game where you got hurt yesterday. can’t believe you didn’t leave the game immediately. High threshold for pain,huh Reed? Just take it easy ,stay off your foot for a couple of weeks and I know you’ll be back soon for the Cubbies. You guys are all playing great and I am so proud of you all. How about our rookie pitchers filling in and doing such a great job! Now if we can hold off those pesky Cards we can take our division for the third year in a row. Take care Reed, I’ll miss seeing diving for balls and hustling down the first base line on all your hits.

  5. mhi2sense

    UNSUNG HERO……. Yo Reed…. game saving catch playing in LF… a couple of other sweet snatches in CF… every AB, you made the pitcher work hard and burned up some arms in the division…. you scored some rare runs during this long stretch of June and July that were the difference in some games which helped the team be in a spot to compete now…. The Cubs are scrapping for 1st place because you came off the bench and outproformed the starters when they were cold… Get your foot ready for late Sept… The Cubs will need you in the playoffs… You are the 6th man of the year, BIG TIME !!!. and there is no doubt the Cubs will need you in the playoffs for an important AB… Well done !!!…… I hope Hendry and the new owner keep you around till you retire and that makes you happy.. It’s guys like you that make the difference on Championship teams… and with Reed Johnson on the Cubs, we got a chance.. I just hope the starters can get it done without needing you to come off the bench for an important AB to win a game.. Thanks Reed… Sorry you got hurt, but thanks… you know

  6. cubbiegirls

    Get better soon, Reed. Now that we’ve acquired two more lefties, perhaps Marshall’s budding OF career can take off??

    Maybe not. I’m a little concerned about Gorzo’s ERA!

  7. roxy9

    The sooner you get back, the better. Hurry back but not too fast so you can’t be fully recovered. We’ll miss you while you’re gone but the support isn’t gone!


  8. thegoodbygirl@gmail.com

    Hey Reed,

    Sorry to hear about your foot. I can’t believe you still played after you got hurt! Get well soon, we’ll miss you!!

  9. napercubs

    Hey Reed,

    This stuff happens. It seems like we can’t catch a break and get everyone healthy at once but that’s baseball. I’m just glad it’s a simple fracture. Usually with stuff like that it’ll heal up quick and you’ll be back in no time. We really need you out there working the CF platoon with Fukudome (so nice to have that ability to have you beat up on lefties and him on righties.)

    I was blessed with the opportunity to workout in the AM last year in CF before the game vs Philly in August (Coach Les was hitting the flyballs and we were running the cutoff drill throwing into that target…that open hole on the ball holder.) It was the 3-2 game when Soriano hit that HR in the 6th or 7th to put us ahead for good. I believe Harden was on the mound vs Blanton. Anyways I wanted to say I have a real respect for the position (especially fighting the sun out there) after actually standing there and falling back into the ivy a few times!

    Tell JS the ball is a lot smaller than what he’s used to catching on the fly! I’d like to see him run one down and lay out for a catch but we really don’t need him having to be picked up off the ground and carried back to the dugout (ha.)

    Get healthy and good luck the rest of the way. We’re rooting for you guys.

  10. cubsfannilesmi

    Sorry about the injury Reed. Just a side note, I played Samardzija in High School and he robbed about 4 extra base hits in 1 game against us while also going deep once. Needless to say, the guy can play probably any outfield position with a little tune up.

  11. schmitz8500@yahoo.com

    Hey Reed,

    Sorry to hear about your foot! Get well soon! For the record…although I love Samardzija, nobody can play center like you. Hope to see you soon!

  12. schmitz8500@yahoo.com

    Hey Reed,

    Sorry to hear about your foot! Get well soon! For the record…although I love Samardzija, nobody can play center like you. Hope to see you soon!

  13. cubbiegirl@ymail.com

    Reed, I was at a spring training game when you got hit by pitch in the first inning and played the whole game and did a great job. After the game I saw you walking to the bus with your hand wrapped up and remember thinking what a trooper you are. You never give up that’s why you’re Cub and why I’m a fan. Thanks for all your hard work. Get better soon.

  14. corycoryck@sbcglobal.net

    i went to the stros game on Thursday wearing Ur jersey the after the game i went over to the door that leads to ur parking and when i saw u on crutches i was astonished.. needless to say ur my favorite player on the team… mostly cause u hustle and ur a clutch performer… rest up get well next game i go to i wanna see u smacking that ball round… good luck

  15. purcellmatt@ymail.com

    Hey wazup big reed, its alright you will be back pretty soon and maybe you can rob another grand slam but this time from albert pujols. We are a better team with u but since we got fuku man we are still gonna rock the mlb. Hope to see u back soon man, and if theres any way possible could u get me some tickets johnny reed. Just email me back at purcellmatt@ymail.com.

  16. sgtyogi409

    Get well and tell Samardzija to stay on the mound. What do you think about the Hart trade. We were at the game Wednesday and he looked pretty good. Wish he was a lefty!

  17. djcovert@att.net

    What are we gonna do about this closer situation down the stretch? I’m not asking about this because of Gregg giving up those two shots in the bottom of the ninth, but because in close game situations he seems like he cannot be trusted. Unless you guys have a 4 run lead he can’t close the door. Even with a 4 run lead he still ends up giving up 1 or 2 to make it interesting. I am just unsure if he’s our guy down the stretch! What is the status of B.J. Ryan?

  18. flcubfan

    Hey Reed,

    Miss watching you out there throwing your body around for the team and your all out hustle! Tough loss today, but go to Cincy and put another sweep on them (or at least 2 out of 3). J. Fox simply amazes me with how hard this dude hits the ball even when he gets out. Looking forward to you, Geo, and Ted getting back and putting the heat on the rest of the Central Division. Go to play better on the road. Go heal up and get back out there to spark this team!!!!

  19. betsybaron59@yahoo.com

    I was at that game sitting in the bleachers when you got injured. I knew something was wrong when you did not come out to play, I just did not know what had happened until I got home that night. I hope you get that foot healed soon. I miss you in the line up! As much as I love Samardzija…I’d much rather see you “shag”!!

  20. cozzi22

    Hope you get well soon Reedy! It’s been tough seeing you not be able to play so much you are a world class athlete and a vital part to this team so just get ready for an amazing September and October!

  21. westcoastmlbfan

    Get better soon – on a side note, I never post stuff on the comment page for the articles, but after the stuff I have been seeing I wanted to forward this to you. There are many things the fans dont know about baseball and think they do, and this was a response to the negative feedback from others. If at all maybe it will inspire you to write more about your teammates and the continual support you show your own team. Have a good one

    You so called fans are ridiculous… It seems all you can do is bad mouth all the players and focus solely on negative aspects of the team. Your immediate answer to just about everything is “get rid of them” Why not support your team. Yes, the Cubs are not performing to the fans or even Lou’s expectations, but can you say the team has given up yet? They are borderline on taking the Central, not 6 games out like some. And Yes this is a fairly new team to Chicago, especially the bullpen, but not necessarily new players. We all seem to forget that despite Milton Bradley is not hitting to his normal par, he gets walked all the frickin’ time, never getting the opportunity by other teams to put the ball in play. Or how about Derrick Lee? His first half of the season was definitely lacking, but since has hit more HR’s than last year, and now he’s everyones favorite “go to guy” behind the plate? What happened to all of you bad mouthing him earlier in the season? Somewhere by you all, you forget pitchers like Kevin Gregg, Carlos Marmol and Adam Heillman are TOLD what to pitch and their job is to put the ball across the plate where TOLD. This is aside from the fact that hitters today all can hit pitches thrown 90-100mph, because if they couldn’t hit what the guys are throwing, they wouldnt be in the show… And as for Gregg, many of you seem to forget that in spring training he was the ONLY pitcher for the Cubs in the Cactus League play to have an ERA of 0.00… This is the same complaining so called Yankee fans do when Mariano doesnt “perform” or Trevor Hoffman too, Would you say they stink and need to be sent to AAA? If you are TRUE fans you stick with your team and support them through thick and thin and quit armchair coaching, because in fact if Lou needed your opinion… you would be his hitting coach or part of his pitching staff… not mad because you think you know the game… Theres still alot of baseball left – give ’em a chance to suceed.

  22. 10234

    Hey REED!!





  23. ynotbeacubfan

    Reed make sure when you come back you are 100%. Take a extra day if you need to. You are an important part of the team.

  24. cubs8489

    Reed hurry back!! You’r a gamer…exactly the kind of player fans love on their team!! If ya get bored with your time off…drop a line in a cubs chat site… chicagocubsonline.com it’s a great site. Comments posted live during games….and of course all other times too!! Say Hi in there sometime!! Same for all Cubs fans!! Stay Classy!!

  25. redsocks66@hotmail.com

    Please hurry back so that the rest of your team can watch you actually run hard around the bases! Between Soriano, Ramirez, Theriot (tonight) we can never win anything if they keep slacking.

  26. cubs08wsc

    I just wanted to Thank you for taking the time to sign my kid’s ticket stub yesterday at Wrigley’s “Road to Wrigley”.
    He was very happy and at the same time sad that Micah Hoffpauir didn’t want to sign. I explained to him that it was something that ball players do. They don’t all want to sign.
    Doesn’t mean that they don’t like their fans.

    Thanks again……….

  27. art101@bc-gallery.com

    Looking forward to having you back in the lineup. For sure they sure need you.
    I have been thinking about an eBay ad:
    For Sale one slightly used Win Flag.

    Just kidding, but it is getting really stressful.

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