I’m Back, and So is Baseball

From the get-go this spring, our team didn’t have a lot of open spots. The roster was pretty much set, and when you have a veteran club like this or a club that’s been to the playoffs and won a division two years in row, Spring Training is more of an opportunity for guys to get ready and keep themselves healthy. If you do that, you consider it a successful Spring Training. I know the fans enjoy the Freeway Series before the season starts, but for the players it’s still a Spring Training atmosphere. The players, in the back of your mind, it’s more a game to get ready.


I think when Opening Day comes and the bell rings, it definitely has a different feel. There’s a little more adrenaline and more focus. It’s not that you just flip the switch and go from off to on, but there is definitely a different intensity. And it’s not really different when you open on the road. Opening Day is Opening Day. It doesn’t matter, the stadium will be full. Their fans will come out and get behind those guys early in a season. And this is a good, young Pirates team and these guys play hard and well. This will be a good challenge for us. — Reed


  1. blossom


    Chicago isn’t the same without you.

    I never believed I’d be encouraged to watch a Dodgers’ game unless they were playing my Cubbies — and in my whole life I never had a “favorite Cub.” It’s different now. Your career, I’ll follow.. and you’ll always be a Cub to me. Maybe one day, the stars will align once again.

    Have a great season (but not “too” great, huh? 😉 )!

  2. fontenyes21@gmail.com

    Glad you’re still doing the blog Reed, I enjoyed reading it last season. And agreed on everything “blossom” said above, your missed here in Chicago, but the Dodgers are a great team and I’ll be watching any games I can get here.

    Hopefully one day I’ll be able to get my Reed Johnson Cubs jersey signed. Been trying since 2008, but no luck yet..ha ha.

    Take Care and have a great season.


  3. verive@gmail.com

    It is great to have you in Dodger Blue Reed!

    I remember that amazing catch you made in LF @ Dodger Stadium last year where you put it all on-the-line and ended up face-first into the bullpin fence.

    Then before the home-opener @ Camelback Ranch this spring you must have signed 1,000 autographs. All the time with a huge smile. I later read a story that some of the team members ribbed you for wearing your jersey out of the stadium and through the parking lot and you were quoted as saying that you would wear it as long as possible.
    It is obvious that you love the game of Baseball and I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the season! Stay healthy, and watch-out for those bullpin fences!

  4. michaelgjohnson@sbcglobal.net

    Way To Go Johnson!! Great start to 2010.

    I miss your hussle and passion in Chicago. However, I’ll see you in LA April 17th v. SanFran. And thanks for signing my ‘about to be retired’ #9 Johnson Cubs jersey during Cactus League action. (Sunday rain-out v. Cubs).

  5. hirsch2300@sbcglobal.net

    Like many others have commented — Miss you in Cubby blue… I also will be watching Dodgers games to catch you playing. Some players are special. I watch the Giants now because of DeRo, and I will watch the Dodgers because of you. Have a great season.

  6. bored.to.death4@gmail.com

    I don’t like the Dodgers very much(except Ethier)…fine, i don’t like them at all. But i guess i’m ok with you being their team. Good Luck witht he Dodgers!!! Don’t get hurt to much!

    PS; dont kill the cubs when you play them…please.

  7. abaer24@yahoo.com

    Hey Reed, Just wanted you to know that my 11 year old son is one of you biggest fans! He catches 100 fly balls a day because he wants to play outfield just like you. We were in Milwaukee on April 12th last year when you took the grand slam away from Prince Fielder. You are the only player he has talked about since then! I am honored that he chose a player like you to idolize! We will be in Chicago on May 27th for the Cubs/Dodgers game. It is my 7 year olds 8th birthday and first Cub game. Stay healthy I hope you get a start. I know Zac would be so excited to see you out there!

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