Knowing My Role

Now that Manny is back in the lineup, I know I’ll be seeing less playing time. But I knew the role when I signed, I knew this outfield had Manny and Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp and if they’re all healthy, they are going to play. They are game changers. That said, I’ve been in all but about five games so far, so I’m pretty happy as far as how much I’ve gotten into games. You can ask just about any of us on the bench, we’re all guys that know we can be called on at any time and you have to be prepared and ready. Look at Jamey Carroll, with Rafael Furcal going down, Jamey was prepared to step in and he’s done really well, offensively and defensively. This bench has a lot of veterans who know what the deal is. — Reed


  1. booboochen

    Reed, you’re a class act. Some guys would complain, but you maintain your enthusiasm. Most of us only dream of playing MLB. Before the season ends I’m sure you will have plenty of opportunities. Keep strong!!!

  2. swoooper3

    Reed – thanks for benig a team player, I’ve always respected your blue collar attitude towards the game. Ever since you crashed into the fence in left field to rob a double at Dodger staduim last year I had mad respect for you. When the Dodger’s signed you, I new it was an instant upgrade, thanks again

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