Bouncing Back

The weekend series with the Yankees obviously was a tough one. There was a lot happening — extra media in the clubhouse, an entirely different atmosphere that comes with the Yankees. To lose a game like Sunday night’s, with a four-run lead in the ninth with your closer coming in and you think it’s locked up, it was going to be really interesting to see how we responded. You can respond two ways — you can have a hangover from the loss or go back out and continue to fight. I liked what I saw in our first game against the Giants. Now we’re playing teams back in our division where we’ve had a lot of success. We can gain serious ground going head to head with the teams we need to beat. The guys are excited for Interleague Play to be over. We obviously didn’t play well, but that’s over and it’s good to get back in the National League and games in our division. — Reed


  1. booboochen

    With Manny on the DL, I hope we get to see more of you. I love your grit and hustle. Keep your blog entries coming!

  2. bent13

    Mr. Johnson,
    I am a huge fan of yours and have a couple baseball cards of you. Would you mind signing them for me?

  3. uwfootball1

    Mr Johson I am a jays fan and have a blog I talk about everything jays I ask people about jays players. If you would be so kind please go to and make a comment please tell my viewers about your time with the jays thanks a lot. ps if you like my blog please show it to you friends thanks

  4. crzblue2

    I am the Dodger fan that told you I read your blog when I was on the field during BP.
    Congratulations on hiting your first homerun at Dodger Stadium. Pepe Yniguez and Fernando Valenzuela had a bet. Pepe said Jaime Carroll would be first hitting a HR and Fernando went with you. Pepe got to pay a dinner now. I heard them talk about it during thei Spanish broadcast of the game when I swiitch the radio to Spanish after Vin Scully does the first three innings on the radio.

  5. yoshk

    Congrats on the homer to help Lilly win….We are Cub fans who enjoy the game and keeping tabs on our former players. Met you in Toronto when you were giving autographs. You, Ted & Ryan were among the nicest and loved the attitude and work ethic you all brought to the team. Once a Cub, always a Cub. Hope to see you down the road. Good luck and God Bless.

  6. yoshk

    Congrats on the homer to win the game for the team and Lilly. We are Cub fans who enjoy the game and keeping tabs on our former players. Once a Cub, always a Cub. Also admired your style of play…your attitude and work ethic. Miss you, Ted & Ryan but wish you all well. Met you in Toronto while you were giving autographs. You & Ted (and Dempster) are among the few who actually look a fan in the eye and converse. Thank you. Good Luck and God Bless. Am hoping Ted can come back so I can get my cookbook signed!


    I can’t believe Theriot is off the Cubs! I cried when i found out but hopefullly he does just as good. I’m still rooting for him!!



    REED! Hey u flippin fool. It’s Ryan Barry from West Coast G! Ah, those were the days. Soo great to see you living the dream. Proud of u buddy! Email me, cool to catch up…

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