It takes a team …

I think every Major League outfielder played infield at some point. Usually they were all shortstops on their Little League teams. I was messing around and fielding ground balls in Toronto when they had some young kids coming up in the outfield like Adam Lind and guys who could swing the bat and they were flirting with the idea of moving me to second base. I took some ground balls, but I’m a lot more comfortable out in the oufield, and we’ll leave it at that.

We’ve got some guys in the middle of the order who are big production guys who are out of the lineup, and that makes it tough. To say we’re not going to miss guys like Ramy and Milton, you’re just kidding yourself. You’re going to miss them. At the same time, this team has pride in how deep we are off the bench. Over a 162-game schedule, you’re going to have injuries and guys off the bench will need to step up and fill in those spots and hold down the fort until they get back. That’s what we’ll try to do in this situation. Hopefully, none of the injuries are that serious. We’ll have those guys back and hopefully Marmol back ASAP because we’re going to need all of them.

— Reed



  1. insobaseball

    Kind of missing DeRosa right now, aren’t we? Hang in there guys. We are lucky to have you, Reed to take care of the outfield, that’s for sure!

  2. dinocubfan

    what in the world is going on!!!! the team is not a team, everybody is playing for themselves. no bullpin at all!!!! right now this bunch of guys STINK!!!! this is not the cubs. DLee.Soto. Bradley cant hit, bullpin cant get anybody out.
    time for some buttkickin!!!! did we start were we left off last year?

  3. dinocubfan

    what in the world is going on!!!! the team is not a team, everybody is playing for themselves. no bullpin at all!!!! right now this bunch of guys STINK!!!! this is not the cubs. DLee.Soto. Bradley cant hit, bullpin cant get anybody out.
    time for some buttkickin!!!! did we start were we left off last year?

  4. iluvtheriot

    Reed your awsome, you theriot, fontenot, fukudome all u small guys can play u guys play as a team now that needs to rub off on all the other guys like soriano and lee those 2 arnt really good right now and this team is scaring us right now but i hope u guys pull it together quick cuz im sorry u guys are not palying like the NL central central u guys should be defending ur title, LETS GO CUBS I KNOW U CAN DO IT but playing like u have been wont get u anywhere GO CUBS!!!!

  5. lopezja09

    Ok, how can you say that the Cubs are going to miss Bradley when he wasn’t even a regular until this year and he is batting .043. Bradley acts like he is so tough let him put up or shut up… the Cub players and coaches need to stop defending the guy and let him get his act together or trade him. Supposedly Bradley was going to be such a great signing so far he doesn’t deserve to wear number 21. As far as I am concerned, Hoffpauir has done more when given the opportunity to play. Hoffpower had a great knock against the Reds to open the series and he should continue to play. The Cubs have a great outfield with Sori, Reed, and Fuku ( leave Bradley out of the equation until he proves otherwise). Bradley wasn’t even a good mix for the Cubs. All he does his create a lot of controversy. Why the Cubs signed him is beyond me and they could have saved themselves $30 million. Hey, but it’s only money. Go Cubs!

  6. edelweiss

    I’m about Lou Piniellas age, and I seem to remember that teams used to start the season with 40 players, and had to trim the roster down before May 15. If it were that way now, the Cubs would be in better shape. There is no way to anticipate who will get injured, but reality is that a team can carry no more than 13 position players, and if more than one is injured, there is no bench. I know some fans miss DeRosa, but he was just as stubborn about playing second base, as Soriano is about leading off. DeRosa is too tall to play 2b. and is much better at third, but, of course, we have Aramis. Miles is much more versatile, even if he doesn’t hit as well, and will prove to be a good trade. As for Fontenot, he has been holding down 3rd as though he had played it for years. At least we don’t have to miss Aramis’ glove. Even during his hitting slump, Mike has been showing hustle both in the field, and at the plate. The attitude that you and Mike have been showing will eventually rub off on the others, and when it does, the team will take off. By September , even the biggest players will be looking up to you and quiet little Mike.


    Reed – You are a great player and you care about the game! This team will never win with Lee, Soriano, Bradley and Rameriez. With them you will be the same team every year. I had been a long time Cubs fan, but the lack of emotion from those players only concerned about the pay has turned me. (For an example watch the playoffs from the past 2 years!)

    Watch a full game and you can see who cares and who does not. Theriot, Fontenot,YOU all seem to care, but the rest, Ah Boo!

    Good luck making it through the year, but I can tell all Cubs this… Maybe next year!

    Keep going to Wrigley and wasting your money!


    I love the Cubs, but I can hardly watch anymore. I don’t feel the teamwork. I see a lot of individual players and I have a hard time liking any of them. I want to see some small ball and some passion.

    I hope I get the “Cub” feeling back, but it is hard to watch.


    What’s with the ugly beard? I think it is interfering with your bat. Get rid of it Puleeeeese.
    Hang in there with the injuries rub some dirt on it and get back to playing the game. GO CUBS GO.


    All I can see one of the biggest mistakes the Cubs have ever made is trading away Mark Derosa…..we could sure use him now! He played any position he was asked to play and I never read or heard he complained…he played with enthusiasm and played every position to the best of his ability…you could count on him……it’s so great to see Theriot,Fontenot and Reed play like Derosa does…you can see they love playing baseball…..and they never stop trying their hardest……I miss DeRo!
    Go Cubbies!


    I’m glad to see you getting more playing time, Reed. I for one, like the beard!

    It’s been a rough week, but today’s game showed you guys are still alive. Know that the fans are still going to cheer you on, and that we still love and appreciate all that you do for this team.

  12. randyfan36

    Please fans, it’s not even May and some of you have already lost hope? What’s that about? When players get hurt, when things seem to go down hill, that’s when you show your true colors as a fan. In 2 months they will be on a winning streak and you will be saying “Oh yeah, it’s gonna happen this year”. It’s April. Be reasonable! So come on Cubs fans! You don’t want to have it on your conscience that you almost stopped being a fan ( you probably weren’t actually serious, were you?). True Cubs fans always bleed that blue even during a slump. Let’s show some support for the club and players we know so well.
    Reed, I am a devoted fan. Thank you for always giving your all. You too Lil’ Font! Your awesome and so is your hair!
    Guys, I will forever bleed that famous blue!


    As you have been all season… You are again totally right that it takes an entire team!! In situations like this, with starters hurt, I am very thankful that you Mr. Johnson are in a CUBS uniform. Your love for the game and your positive attitude is what baseball is all about!! Thanks for being a CUB!

  14. cubbies73

    I must say watching the games the past few days has been heartbreaking and just painful. Today you came out and kicked a** and on my birthday no less. It was the only present I wanted, a Cubs win. It’s funny I forgot it was Kosuke’s birthday today too until Len and Bob brought it up. Thanks for the win today, you made this Cubs girl very happy. πŸ˜€ Keep your head up. You’ll get everyone back at full strength soon and will be a force to be reckoned with.

  15. millirose

    The past few games with the exception of yesterday have been hard on Cubs fans. Mostly because we all know that you are better than that. But I think people are forgetting that it is the first of the season and we are still making adjustments to the lineup and figuring out where the team bats the best. I agree that the bullpen sucks, it’s hard to pull together wins when you have so much trouble with the pitching, but our offense is usually better and I believe it will get better. It is hard not having Rammy, but Bradley hasn’t done much for us yet. I think he’ll settle in and get better, the eternal optimist. I know we’ll get better, I have no doubt in my mind. Go Cubs Go! πŸ˜€ ~Milli~


    We can all thank Todd Wellemeyer for yesterday. THANK YOU Wellemeyer!!!! You guys are lookin flat and need to find a different look on this tough road trip. Lets buck up out there and scratch out some W’s. Go Cubs Go!!


    Keep up the positive attitude. You guys will be just fine.
    Thats why you play 162 games a year. One game at a time.


    Reed- whats going on I love comming to this and reading more. I have been a cubbies fan since i was a baby- no lie i grew up with it.. and my grandma and grandpa had it always on! Even though the team seems tp be losing some of the energy we need to get it back show them what you guys can pull through this and get the job done! we have faith in you. love seeing all you try and play the hardest and have the team work rub off! were big fans of you and fontenot! lets get this started! [W]

  19. mikegncb34

    To all of my fellow die-hard Cubs fans: please try to relax. It’s only April, and we are only 3 games back. Division championships can’t be won in April, and we are certainly not losing this thing in April. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and the Cubs will be just fine in 2009.

    Also, Reed, keep up the good work. I love watching you play. You are fun to watch.

  20. hotkorner

    All you can do now is play as hard as you can with the guys who step between the lines. Hats off to Soriano for staying in the game after being hit in the head.

  21. hotkorner

    All you can do is play hard with the guys who can take the field. Hats off to Soriano for staying in the game Sunday.


    Reed—I must say that I certainly appreciate your comments on teamwork. Too often in this world that concept in lost. I’ve always been a fan of baseball though never much of a Cubs fan but that has all changed for me now. My son, Reid, heard your name one day last summer while i watching a game. He thought it was the greatest thing ever that there was a ball player who has the same name as him. If he’s going to to look up to a professional ball player, I’m glad it’s someone like you who believes in the game and what’s it all about. My son Reid turns five next week. As part of his birthday gift my husband and I are bringing him to Wrigley. We’ll be at the game on May 14 against the Padres and I sure hope you’re playing. Reid would just LOVE to see his hero, Reed, playing at Wrigley. Thanks for all you do.


    I totally agree with you Reed. I played, college and semi-pro softball in my younger days. Even went to the Jr. Olympics. I understand that players get hurt and the rest of the team has to step up. I think we have the bench to do it, and yes! We need Marmol back a.s.a.p. With a long season, the bench and the bullpen are vital. I think we have enough utility players on the bench and bullpen to support the team when the starters are out. However, in my opinion, the bullpen is a bit week. Maybe it’s because they are young?.
    Signed, Your Chemo Friend…I’ll be there, right behind the dugout on May 1st…if we don’t get rained out.


    I enjoyed DeRo’s blogs and met him in Florida, so I was disappointed to hear he was traded. We miss him, but as Cub fans, we adjust to new faces on the field. Glad you are back, tho, and doing spectacular things to help our Cubbies have another good season. Love your blog and look forward to what you have to say. Give up on the Cubs this early in the season? How can anyone do that and be true, blue Cub fans? Never, never never. Tell Font to keep up the good work, and “keep smiling.” Baseball is a team sport and love seeing everyone getting “in the game.” Would love to see Big Z hit for the cycle sometime!


    I think you guys are going to be fine the team will get healthy and you will win games.

    But….. I have to ask. What is going on with Milton? It does not seem to be a timing issue the bat is contacting the ball in the hitting zone. To me it seems that he is just not picking up the ball out of the pitchers hand. What have you seen? You are closer than we are and have all the baseball knowledge. I know that everyone wants to sweep this issue under the rug since it is Milton Bradley and he might explode and self destruct, but he is dying out there. It is getting hard to watch I am really feeling for him. haha look at this…

    .097 Batting Average…… Seriously beyond bad

  26. tortuguita5

    Reed- I sincerely appreciate your positive attitude yet again. Though things are difficult right now, the season has just begun. We are all Cub fans because we have hope and those of you who can only seem to be negative need to put things into perspective. Oh and if you’re going to insult someone, you should probably at least use your spell check.

    Thanks again Reed, you are doing a great job!

  27. sandbergrulesall

    …Mark DeRosa!… I MISS YOU! ….geez, this team could REALLY use him now. I was sick the day he got traded. Now I’m simply depressed. I was in AZ, and Font looks like a complete stranger to third base. I like Mighty Mike, and his bat had some noise this series. …however, this team seems completely different. I’d rather have the chemistry and personalities of leadership such as DeRo and Edmonds (and you of course…love the all-out play). Signing Bradley was a huge mistake. …how about that Adam Dunn? …so depressed.

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