Business as usual

I’m sure the fans are just as excited to get the real thing underway as we are. It’s great that we’re swinging the bats well and putting up good numbers in Spring Training, but everybody knows that doesn’t count. We want to make sure when April rolls around and those games start counting, we’re ready.

Kosuke is back, but it doesn’t matter as far as what I do. I’m going to approach my at-bats the same, and all the work I’m doing in the cage and the weight room, I’m going to approach it the same way. I’ve always prepared myself and my body to play every day and that’s what I’m going to do. Whether I’m in a platoon situation or it’s a situation where I’m strictly the fourth outfielder or a situation where I won the job, I’m always going to prepare myself to be an everyday guy. That way, if an opportunity does come about, then you’re prepared for it. If you’re sitting back and pouting and not approaching things the right way, that’s when you have a tendency to not be prepared when that opportunity comes about.

People say, “Oh, this game is a lot of luck.” I think when preparation meets opportunity, for me, that’s what luck is. If you’re not prepared when that opportunity comes about, you’re not going to give yourself that chance to capitalize on that so-called lucky opportunity.

Nothing’s really changed for me. I’ll approach things the same way, like the things we’ve been working on down in the cage with Gerald. You try to see the ball in detail — not just look at the ball but see it in detail and really track it and follow it. That forces you to keep your head still and slows the ball down. So whether there’s 40,000 people in the stands, or 5,000 people in the stands, whether I’m the fourth outfielder or a starter, all I’m worried about is keeping my head still and seeing the baseball. That’s all that matters.

That’s how I think guys at all levels perform. They take something that they’re keying off, whether it’s in batting practice or down in the cage with Gerald, they try to take that into the game and work on something new every day and try to become a better player. That’s what you do over a whole career. It’s a game of experience. I’m definitely learning every year.

As for Fontenot, he was a little under the weather last week — there was the flu or food poisoning or whatever it was going around the clubhouse. He was pretty sensitive last week, so I need to lay off him. I see the sensitive side come through. He came in, and he was pouting. I have to give him a week off and come back with full force next week with the Mike Fontenot session.

I think the combination of him feeling under the weather and his big movie star debut in “My Boys,” I think he had a lot on his plate and he didn’t need to be reading my blog to give him one more thing to worry about. We’ll give him a rest this week. This might be worse than a rest.

— Reed


  1. cubbies73

    Tell Mike I hope he feels better. I am so excited about the regular season. April can’t get here quick enough for me. Good luck this season! 😀

  2. giveitall

    HAHA, Mike poisoned Harden!
    jk, but that is really funny
    Fontenot is the bad chicken Rich ate that made him ill
    goodluck Reed!

    have a fun game against the Sox today(by fun, I mean beat their *****)

  3. fontenot17

    Okay, Reed I like you. Your a good ball player. But c’mon man. Take it easy on Fontenot. He’s my favorite player right now. Mostly due to the fact that his number should be hanging on the one of the foul poles at Wrigley but he’s a good little player too.

  4. jakki218

    I’d take it easy on Mike. If his role on “My Boys” takes off you don’t want him forgetting about you. LOL Maybe on next week’s blog you can tell us how he did in his “starring” role.

    How’s your NCAA bracket doing?

  5. tidwell17

    Love the insight! Awesome to here about the stuff pros work on and how they approach the game….Keep it up Reed!

  6. dagroove

    I don’t recall if it was last year, or the year before….but after Fontenot had a good game, he got the shaving cream pie to the face during his post-game interview…he seemed really really TICKED off… I knew right there he was a pouter!!!

  7. eazyman



    I love you so much, Reed, and I think you should start everyday in center. Love Fontenot and Theriot, too, SO MUCH!! Would love to see a pic of you with your full winter “fur” that you came to the Convention with. Keep it up! U R amazing, Reeeeeeeeeed!


    I “Reed” your blog today and I cant help think of Cadyshack. “Keep your eye on the ball”. Lol great movie. Anyway it’s great insight and is what I’m showing my 3 yr. old. He yells “Keep your eye on the ball” then swings away and makes great contact everytime. I’m hoping this year he will pay more attention and learn a few things from all the great hitters on the team this year. Go cubs Go!

  10. edelweiss

    It’s nice that you decided to do the team blog, and you picked a good title. It is also good that you are doing a
    series on Mike Fontenot. A lot of people look at him and don’t understand what they see, for example, his facial hair and mullet. They think he is trying to look like a surfer or a
    boy band member, when all that hair is just for protection.
    People don’t understand how someone less than 5 and a half feet tall can have so much power, when the greatest obstacle he has overcome would be daunting even if he were a foot taller. Hopefully you can help Mike to become less self-conscious. He should be proud of what he has accomplished, and should not have to keep proving himself over and over. And, by the way, I doubt that he is a pouter. He just has that pouty face.


    Reed, thanks for great game against the Rockies…I remember telling my son to watch how tough and determined you are. After taking that hard pitch to the hand you still played an amazing game. I saw you walk to the bus with it wrapped up and I am pulling for a quick recovery. I hope it doesn’t keep you from typing another message. Get well soon!!



    Its Phil rogers. No, not the reporter, from temec. Hey thanks for the call back around christmas. Just kidding, Mave may not had even told you I called. Anyway, hit me up on here or give me a call. I’m going to be at the game at the first game in NY. Would love to sit down and catch up. Good luck this year, hope you get the starting CF position this year.

  13. captainswags

    Love the blog, Reed, keep up the great work!

    I also wanted to say that I hope your hand is alright. I read the Muskat article on earlier and was a bit concerned. Hope it heals up fast and you’re out there in center next week! My girlfriend and I love how you play the game and hope you’re in Chicago for a long time. Keep it up, and go Cubbies!

    – Donny


    Hey Reed, yours is the first blog I’ve ever bothered to read or post a comment on.I love the insights. Can’t wait to read the next one!


    Hey Reed, Keep working and playing hard, I am looking forward to seeing you on that field a whole lot this summer.Keep having fun and the Cubs will do fine in 09.

  16. reediculousskills

    For a really nice, good lookin’, young (ish), funny, stylish, in shape baseball player, you sure can write good! Your first years salary spent on Sylvane was well worth it! ;oP
    You’re going to be great at your job again this year, we’ll be watching.
    Mel & Bri

  17. reediculousskills

    For a really nice, good lookin’, young (ish), funny, stylish, in shape baseball player, you sure can write good too! Your first years salary spent on Sylvane was well worth it! ;oP
    You’re going to be great at your job again this year, we’ll be watching.
    Mel & Bri


    Tell Mikey to man up and start taking care of his body. A little guy is closer to the ground and that is were the germs are, so he needs to be extra careful.

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