Good communication

Kosuke and I had a little miscommunication on Monday in Surprise. You always know the center fielder has priority over pretty much everybody on the field, and as far as the infielders are concerned, the shortstop has priority. As soon as you hear his voice, it’s his ball. Everybody backs off. That way he knows that, you know that.

On Monday, it was a situation for me where the ball went to right center and we both called it at the same time. I heard Kosuke in the background call it, and as the right fielder, I backed off. That’s how it went down. I guess it’s good to hash those things out before it starts counting and it counts against us in the loss column. It’s a play that could’ve cost us the game and we have to make sure we do a better job of communication the next time.

I’ve heard Lou’s comments — that I didn’t come here to share a job. In a sense, I try not to lose sight of what the real goal is at the end of the season, which is to win a World Series. At the same time, I’m a realist and I’m not one of those guys who’s going to go out and have a false sense of security about what my abilities are. I know what I can do on the baseball field and I feel like I bring a lot of things offensively to the table, whether it’s laying down a bunt or executing a hit and run, or moving a runner over by hitting the ball to the right side — just smart baseball things. We’ve got a bunch of guys on our team who play that way and are unselfish. The more guys you have like that in the lineup, the better chance you have to win.

Focusing on winning ballgames, especially when you haven’t won a World Series in more than 100 years, that’s what it’s going to come down to this year. I think Jim and Lou, they want to put their best nine guys out on the field. I’ll be the first to admit if I’m not swinging the bat well and I see my playing time go away, I’m not going to complain. I’ll just look in the mirror and try to figure things out in the cage and try to get more playing time.

I shared well as a child, but at the same time, I’ve been in this situation so many times, this is the only way I know how to handle it. I use it to drive me to win a job. If both of us are playing great, that will be the best scenario for this team. I didn’t train four, five, six hours a day in the offseason and do all my work mentally to prepare for this season to play sporadically. I’ll be ready to step in if they need me. My body is ready for it and I’m in shape physically and mentally.

I don’t want to lose sight of the ultimate goal which is to win a World Series. If that means I’m an everyday guy in center field, I’m ready for that.

— Reed


  1. cubbybloo

    Nothing about Fonetenot?… C’mon Reed 🙂 Just kidding. I like your attitude. Here’s to a great year, individually and for the team.


    Agreed. Must have Little Lord Font comments in every blog post. That’s the only reason I come here, well, that and a chin hair update.

  3. summermonger

    what if you’re charging into the infield and Eugene Fontenot is about to drill into you? you wouldn’t even see him comming.. he’s THAT fast!


    I probably shouldn’t do this to you guys yet or myself, but I am expecting great things from you guys this year, but then again I do every year. Go Cubbies, and love the goat Reed….

  5. cubbiegirls

    I, for one, am just looking forward to having something good to watch on tv again. The offseason blows. Hope you guys are ready for the fun weather back home.

  6. eazyman


  7. jakki218

    Where’s our weekly update on Fontenot? LOL

    Wishing you a great season and the starting job in centerfield! Glad your hands o.k.!

  8. mlbfanwi

    Reed…that was a nast hbp the other day. I had flash back to sori last year. Keep up the great work and hopefully you guys come out of the gate on fire next week. I really hope of the Cubs fans on the wrong side of the border have a lot to cheer about at miller park next weekend. Keep up the good work.


    meh, don’t worry about it. you both have done plenty good that draws attention away from that error in the past week. kosuke hit that 2 run blast, and some of those outs you made throwing runners out at 2nd and 3rd rival that famous Ichiro highlight thats on every sports show on earth. I can’t think of anything amusing to write about Fontenot or Theriot, so I’ll just leave it at that…


    Reed, you are a top-notch ballplayer! Too bad Mr. Magoo Pinella didn’t start you in the playoffs. I’m sick of watching Sorry-ano and Koske whiff at the plate. I hope one day you can play for a team that wins the World Series. Too bad that team isn’t the Cubs. Good luck playing with this team that is always pathetic in the playoffs.

  11. waveland_slim

    Reed, anyone watching that game could tell you were upset when Fukudome dropped the ball. Kosuke had no business going for that ball, it was all you. I’m glad you’re ok after gettin plunked. Keep it healthy, and let’s do this!

  12. litlady10

    Mr. Johnson, you are doing a great job with this blog and with your job as an athlete.
    I am a jr./sr. high school teacher and a volleball and softball coach. I have been saving all of your blogs to use with my students and my athletes. Preparation and a positive attitude are so very important in sports and life. Your blog does a fantastic job of presenting both. Thank you.
    Most importantly: where the hell is the Fontenot update?! Just kidding. Have fun and GO CUBS!!!

  13. dawniecubsfan

    Reed, glad your hand is ok. You have a great attitude and I look forward to seeing a lot of you this year.

  14. 09cubsfanhannah

    I’m glad your hands ok.

    I have to say that you’re seriously the nicest–or one of– the nicest players on the whole intire team.
    I’ve been to get autographs 3 times, and you’ve signed every time, plus have been out there forever.
    I just wanted to say thanks.

    Also.. did anyone play any April Fools Day pranks?

  15. 09cubsfanhannah

    I’m glad your hands ok.

    I have to say that you’re seriously the nicest–or one of– the nicest players on the whole intire team.
    I’ve been to get autographs 3 times, and you’ve signed every time, plus have been out there forever.
    I just wanted to say thanks.

    Also.. did anyone play any April Fools Day pranks?

  16. go'nyard

    Reed Sir been a fan since you got here!! In my opinion a year of Fuku whatching you play would be fine with me!!!

    You play the game the way it is supposed to be played!!

    Good luck to you and ” our Cubs ” this year!!

    2009 the Cubs will be just fine!!!

  17. giveitall

    i think we’re miss someone on this blog…
    OH YEA!, we’re missing the Fontenot comments! haha
    Those are funny and we’re gonna miss one week without it!
    Baseball season is almost here and we’re up for the challenge! As a loyal Cub fan, win or lose, I’ll root for the Cubs! Nothing can change the fact that being a Cub fan means you’re on top of the world!
    Good luck with the season Reed and for the rest of the Cubs roster!

    A dying Cub fan’s last request, go for the Championship!

  18. nwicubfan1

    Wzup Reed?! I want to start off by saying I love the way you play the game you got heart and it shows every time you run on the field. Secondly I was able to get your autograph when you came to Munster hospital I am a firefighter and have a busy schedule so I had my friend(who is a nurse) get your autograph for me she said “you seemed really nice and down to earth.”She also said you were good looking and gave her a hug lol I told her to back off you were happily married. I want to wish you and the rest of the players good luck and have fun out there. I don’t miss a game when it’s on tv and I got some tickets to sit in the bleachers this year I can’t wait..Go cubs!!


    I know we (i say we, like I am on team, you guys just dont pay me) wouldnt have been swept last year if you woulda gotten your *** in the game. Still peeved about Lou not putting you in, but letting Fukudome make his batting AVG even worse. Reed I just want to braid your beard and put beads in it.

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