The Catch and more

Demp and I had planned a trip after that game in Milwaukee. I was going to ride home with him and I figured he’d find me some Culver’s. We usually stop and get a butter burger. This time, he didn’t give me anything. I think he’s holding out and maybe he’ll take me to Joe’s Stone Crab — but probably not.

After the catch in Washington, he didn’t buy dinner. But he’s helped fund my appetite in the past. I’m sure I’ve already gotten my fair share of dinners. It’s almost like when I make catches like that, I’m doing him a favor. He’s done me a bunch of favors in the past. He was just excited and I was just as excited as he was to be able to make a play, which at that point in the game, was a significant play. I had looked up at the scoreboard and said, “Man, we’ve got a home run hitter up with the chance to tie the game right here,” and all of a sudden, the ball’s up in the air a couple pitches later. I was fortunate for everything to work out just perfect. The ball, the way it came down, gave me a bunch of time to get under it. It’s still not an easy play but I felt it go in my glove and I was thinking, no way that just happened. You automatically turn from excitement to “What do I have to do now?”

I wish I could’ve seen a dugout camera or the reaction of the guys in the bullpen. I’m looking for that everywhere on video. I want to see if ESPN or anybody else had that. Those are always the most fun to see how excited guys get about it. They make you feel good as a player.

I saw Prince tip his helmet on video. I went up to him the next time I got on base and said, “Hey, it’s the first time I’ve ever robbed a homer, man. I know you don’t want to hear that.” That whole rest of the day, I was in a zone and didn’t hear anything he said. He’s going to have plenty more opportunities, I’m sure. He’s a good player and good guy and plays the game the right way. He’s going to have a successful year.

Me and Demp were talking and said the only one-upper would be to do it here at Wrigley. You’d have to stick your foot in the ivy and grab onto the chain link and be able to pull yourself up. That’s next to impossible. Things would have to be just a perfect situation. Woody used to practice that out in left center field, and I would watch him and said, “Oh, that’s how you can get up there,” and you’d have to pull on that little basket and pull yourself up over the fence.

If Font had been working on his outfield play, we’d have to get him an eight-foot ladder out there to get himself up onto the fence. I know he’s going to be upset with me saying that. He always gets upset with me. But it seems like every time I give him a hard time, he steps his game up and starts playing well. That’s what I’m looking for. I’m doing this for him, just remember. I’m doing it for Mike because I want to see him do well. He’s been playing great, the team’s been playing great. Every game, we’ve been in. We’ve got losses, but every single game we’ve been in, and we’ve had an opportunity to win. Hopefully, we’re on the good side of things more times than not. We’ve got clutch players from a pitching standpoint and from a hitting standpoint who are really going to help put us over the edge in close games like that. We’ve got a long way to go.

— Reed


  1. reediculousskills

    Hi Reed. We’ve watched that highlight over and over and I’m not ashamed to say- it makes us want to cry everytime we see it. Everything was perfect. The way you timed it, the score, the batter, game saving, in April (again!), Dempster as your pitcher, and the tipping of the hat was the icing!
    We need a new highlight to watch now, so do it again ok??? :oP
    Love ya – Mel & Bri

  2. reediculousskills

    p.s. you have me so hooked on your blog, I’m sneaking to check updates at work! I was sweating bullets waiting for my comment to transmit before my boss walks in, lol. (it takes a while, which is why I think there are so many duplicate comments sent).


    Really enjoying your blog so far this year, Reed. It’s nice that you guys kept a blog going for the fans after DeRo was traded. It’s really been a pleasure watching you play for the last couple of seasons – truly a loss for Toronto and a great gain for us! Even though you don’t get in the starting line up every day, it’s nice to see you put in 110% whenever you get a chance to go out there. Amazing catch the other day – way to rob Fielder! I think it would be really awesome to see you climb up the ivy walls and make one sometime.

    Also, do you blog during the games? My friends and I think you sit in the dugout when you’re not in the starting line up and write up a blog – this is two entries in a row that have been posted during a game!

    Keep up the good work and GO CUBS!

  4. cubbiegirls

    You are so right on about teammate reactions. I only ever saw Demps’ reaction to last year’s catch once and I’ve searched all over. The look on his face was absolutely hysterical – asking the ump if he was sure? Brilliant.

    Do we need to start bringing Culver’s signs to the bleachers to guilt Demp into buying you one of those mixer things? HA!

  5. aeheckenbach

    Just as an FYI for you and Demp, there is a Culvers right off the interstate on the way back to Chicago, exit 333. And seeing as your going to be back in Milwaukee in 3 weeks, guilt him into then……or if you wanna find one in the burbs of Chicago but its a little more difficult.

    And yes, that catch was EXCELLENT! Also, poor Font…..he can’t help it hes short……but seeing him stand next to D. Lee is HILARIOUS!

  6. kobofkorn

    Reed, I look forward to many more awesome catches this season! And Culvers is awesome; I like the cheese curds.

  7. millirose

    That was an amazing play! Even though we are struggling right now, I know that we’ll get back in the groove. I used to live in the Chicago area and I loved Culver’s. I miss White Castle, too and the pizza. Tough loss today after the basees loaded and removal of Bradley. The Cardinal’s got a couple of gift calls on that at-bat because he had definitely drawn the walk. At least that is how it looked on my tv. Hope to see you in a game again soon! BTW poor Font. lol

  8. dawniecubsfan

    O.M.G! What a catch!! We were in the car listening to Pat & Ron so we didn’t see it, but I immediately yanked out my phone to find it on the MLB app. And when we got home we watched the replay. WOW! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a “W” tomorrow against the Cards.


    Reed, that was a great catch. I am still amazed at last year’s grab against the Nationals. The bar i was in, on both occassion, erupted with wild applause.

    Hey, Font is small! But doesn’t he have an awesome head of hair? I think he has you in that category.


    Hey, Reed, awesome catch! I really hope the Cubs never trade you. I think you are going to win Best Defensive Play of the Year again this season!! Everytime you walk past Demp in the dugout now, you should mumble “Culver’s”. He should do something for you seeing as your catch last year was also with him pitching. Also, even better, is Fonty standing next to Sean Marshall, or even Gregg. You need to get a pic of Marshall, Gregg, Zambrano, Lee, and Fonty!! Ha Ha. Love the blog,keep it up.


    Reed, I have to say you are one of my favorite Cubs! I truly admire your hard work and determination! I also admire your quote on last year around mother’s day. You mentioned that it was your grandmother who inspired you to play baseball. That is awesome and quite the tribute to grandmother’s everywhere! Catching Prince’s “almost” grand slam should put you in the staring line up for the entire year. You’re a great player with a ton of potential. I hope to see you from the rooftop Friday against the Cards. GO CUBS!

  12. redneck83

    Mr. Johnson I must say I enjoy watching you and the boys play. I love watching you play, you give it everything you’ve got. I still love seeing the diving into the wall play you made last year after sprinting half the outfield. I fully intend to come up to Wrigley this year (times have been tough financially)and see you guys play. Congrats on the unbelievable catch. PS My wife thinks you are gorgeous.

    Trent Wales


    Just wanted to say the catch was amazing. You should’ve seen how many of my friend’s facebook statuses changed instantly. I got to pitch at Wrigley in 07 and I met Theroit, nobody else but I love how our team plays, yea we have power in the middle of the lineup but the hustle that our team has makes happy knowing we can scavenge runs when needed. Keep playing ball the right way.

  14. lawliet

    GREAT CATCH! I’d like to see you try climbing the fence when you’re warming up at Wrigley. Even more during an actual game. Haha. Just saw you on TV at the Blackhawks game sitting next to Mike. Demps is there too. You should get on him about some Culver’s

  15. edelweiss

    I was a teacher for over 40 years, and only had 2 boys with Fontenot’s condition in my classes. Both were on target to be way bigger than Mike, and both liked sports, but neither of them ever dreamed of playing baseball at any level. One of them tried wrestling, as it is an indoor sport. Being the smallest MLB player is probably no big deal for him, except for the ribbing he gets, and the long time it took for his talent to be taken seriously, but I can’t help but wonder how he is able to play as well as he does with the bigger obstacle he faces. I hope that once he shows how well he can do over a full season, he will become an inspiration for others who face his challenges.

  16. Violin

    Reed, you did a miraculous catch that day and I am glad I was able to see it in the tv the moment it had just happened, great play, I even blogged a topic about it in my blog because that play took back the momentum of the game to the Cubs. Keep playing man.


    AWESOME CATCH! My friends and I talk about that all the time. Tell Dempster, “That catch was worth more than a butter burger”. Also, tell Mike, “Practice makes perfect and size is only a vertical challenge that can be out done with brain power”. He can do it! Hang in there Reed! The Cubs will succeed if everyone keeps practicing. Signed, Your Cancer friend in remission.


    P.S. Reed…I wish I could send you a copy of the picture we took at the hospital….IT CAME OUT GREAT!


    Reed –

    I still remember LAST year’s catch, that you made diving away, where you landed in the warning track after going parallel to get it. Like others on this blog, I am glad you are a Cub. I don’t follow the American League like I do the National League, so I have to admit, I had never heard of you before you showed up in Chicago last year.

    I do hope that you will decide to remain a Cub and that the management will see your value in the outfield AND at the plate (I also remember last year’s HR to left center against a crushing wind blowing in).

    I was disappointed to see DeRosa leave as well, but I knew the remaining guys who did a lot of platooning last year were simply going to get more playing time this year. You, Fontenot, etc. Clearly, even without injury, you, Bradley, Soriano and Fuku are going to be the outfielders for the duration.

    Thanks for your effort and for giving Cubs fans confidence whenever you are in the game.



    Hey Reed great catch you made. My dad and I loved watching it over and over. Keep up the great play. Good luck to you.
    The Haighs


    Gosh what an amazing catch that was! My mom and I were watching the game together, and when Prince hit that blast I thought it would be a goner for sure! When you caught it my mom and I started screaming and hugging each other because you saved the game! Thanks for robbing Prince, and keep up the hustle
    Matty R.


    Reed – I just love watching you play this game. I understand why you don’t smile a lot… you’re totally 100% into the game and you play it with such focus and intensity… you’re a joy to watch. My friends all know I have a ridiculous crush on you, but beyond that I truly admire how much you obviously love the game. Keep on diving into walls cuz you make it look easy! Reed Rules!!

  23. 2007win

    Reed, What an awesome catch against the Brewers! My brother and I heard it live on the radio, and watched the replay on Keep up the awesome work and goCubs!!

    P.S. You are my mom’s favorite player!

  24. randyfan36

    Fantastic catch! It’s great to see you make those plays. Lil Font is really cool. His talent makes up for his height.


  25. believeinblue

    Love the blog Reed! Also, if ever you want to see the dugout and/or bullpen reaction, I’ll GLADLY give you the password to my MLB.TV account! πŸ™‚

    Keep up the great work!


    I have been a Cub fan since Janurary,1969.I grew up about an hour north of downtown and attended many games. Now I live in Georgia and have to watch games on t.v. iam confined to either a wheelchair or a hospital bed, so watching games is my pasttime. Laying here watching the catch against Mil. made me want to jump up and down! It was poetic justice in the fact that most of my family lives in Milwaukee and took great pleasure in ribbing me when the Brewers would beat the Cubs. On top of that, my married family are Braves fans, so teasing is involved. Now I can say proudly to my relatives, “Back off,this is the year!” I have no doubt you and the others will be wearing the champs ring come October. With players like you, how can anyone doubt that? Thanks for making a devout fans day, and I look forward to the remaining days.

    Chris N


    Reed, I was at the game that night. Throughout the entire night, I had two Brewers fans sitting behind me talking smack… When Prince came up to bat, they started talking more. When he hit it, I thought, here we go… I’m never going to hear the end of this. Then you made that SPECTACULAR catch! They pretty much shut their mouths the rest of the game. Thank you for that!

  28. edelweiss

    Reed; I hope you read the comments on your blog, and
    also hope Mike reads them, at least today. There are things a fan sitting in front of a TV sees that team mates and managers may miss. The TV cameras bring viewers up close. Without giving too many details, Fontenot needs to see his eye doctor ASAP! Since you all are off Monday, maybe he can get an emergency appointment. It is very obvious why he is struggling at the plate. Hopefully it can be fixed with a new prescription, but it looks to be more than that. Mike will know to what I refer. If you have videos of the last few games, perhaps you can also see what I see.


    Yo Reed,

    Cheering the Cubs on from my study abroad school in Rome. We were watching it and going crazy when we saw that catch.

    What about “Reed between the Vines” for your blog title?

    Go Cubs Go

    Southside Maura


    Hey Reed! Just wanted to say you are such an incredible player…you are definitly in my top 3 favorites ever since you’ve joined the cubs last year (theriot and fontenot being the other 2) always give it your all and i love and thank you for that…AMAZING catch last week, I don’t have a doubt in my mind we’ll be seeing many more amazing plays like that from you in the future. Also you’re doing great with picking up DeRosa’s blog from last year…he was and still is a favorite of mine also I’m still following what he’s doing with the Indians and was very very sad to see him traded..
    I moved to Houston last February..sad to be so far from Wrigley but I’ve watched every game they’ve aired here of Cubs games..I can’t wait to come watch you guys play when you come back to Houston on May 6th (my birthday)!

    As much as I enjoy when you poke fun at Fontenot, I’m glad he’s getting more playing time…he has so much talent and deserves to play every day

    Keep up the great work on and off the field Reed, and I’ll see you in a few weeks!! πŸ™‚



    Hey Reed, I enjoy your blog it is fun to hear your side of the game, players, and of course Fontenot. He is a great guy, and offers so much to the team. Keep on his back, keep him putting out the 110% he does every time he is in. We keep our fingers crossed each game day that you will be in the lineup, so keep offering all you do so that Lou will see soon that he can’t do without you.

    Go Cubs!!


    Hey Reed,now that you’ve been in Chicago for a while, please tell us where you get your hot dogs,beef and pizza(deep dish or thin?).Keep up the great work.GO CUBS!!!

  33. insobaseball

    That was an awesome play Reed. And I just want to add that I’m glad you saw Prince Fielder’s response on video; tipping his cap to you was such a classy thing to do and I hope everyone on this page recognizes that too. I think with more upstanding players like Prince and you in the league, baseball is all that much better. Thanks!


    Reed you’re still the man. I remember watching the Toronto fans holding up that sign last year. You had a great game. You hit a three run homer in that game. I remember feel sorry for those fans in Toromto. They sure loved you out there. Glad you play for us now. You sure ad alot a enthusiasm to the game.


    Will the Cubs just give this guy an extention already? They have got to keep Reed on this team for awhile. I cannot imagine this guy not in a Cubs uniform next year.


    Reed!!! Great catch! My wife and I watch every cubbie game and love it when you get your chance to get into the game. I told her when you were picked up you would give 100% every time you stepped foot on the field (which you do)Thanks for being such a great addition to our cubs and a great role model for my son and all the other kids who want to be like you some day


    Hi Reed

    First time on your blog . You are my favorite player.
    Great wins over the Cardinals. Do it next week at THEIR park!



    It goes without saying that your catch interjected optimism into the season. We really enjoy watching you play and appreciate your kindness to the fans. My 12 year old son met you at the Comcast dinner and thinks you are about the coolest guys going. (His ole’ Mom agrees, too.)

    Hey, next time you are stuck in a car with Mr. Dempster, ask him where he buys his jackets. Saturday’s sportscoat (at the Hawks game) was straight out of 1973. WOW.


    Reed – I love the way you play the game and am proud you are a Chicago Cub. I hope you can stay a Cub so we can root for you until you hang them up. Keep up the great job and best of luck to you and the Cubs in 2009. You rock.


    You guys are playing great this season, keep it up! Has anyone ever told you that you and Scott Ian (the guitarist from Anthrax) look alike? You could be brothers. As for Mike, he totally rocks. I’ve even affectionately nicknamed him Fonte-yes.
    -Christine πŸ™‚


    NICE snag, Reed Johnson! I want to thank you for the great blog. Your effective early childhood education is evident. Remember your principal and the infamous Mr. M? (One of your biggest fans and my dad!). You are making us all very proud. It’s interesting that you play for the Cubbies, since our whole family is originally from Chicago and are all lifelong CUBS fans. Keep up the good work and we’ll be behind you all the way. This is our year, right? GO CUBS!


    Hey Reed, you and fontenot are mine and my sons favorite position players!u guys just remind us of ourselves,the shorter caucasion athletes that have to give 100% on every play! i love the ram but i hate to watch him watch his almost homers that bounce off the wall and hes left on first instead of 2nd base!good to c mike get the every day start instead of the lefty,righty platoon system.(THIS IS NOT ABOUT FREE TICKETS)My son Travis is leaving right after school for bootcamp cause hes inlisted in the826th future army soldiers,ide love to see them get thier props!!! he did say all he wanted was to go to a cubs game bfor he left for bootcamp im proud of him and all the soldiers,im disabled now so im not sure i can take him,it would be great if u could give him a shout out, keep on husltling and ty for making us smaller caucasions look fundamentally sound(sorry ram) but run yer *** out of the box ON EVERY PLAY!!GO CUBS!!!- Greg from rockford


    Hey Reed, you and fontenot are mine and my sons favorite position players!u guys just remind us of ourselves,the shorter caucasion athletes that have to give 100% on every play! i love the ram but i hate to watch him watch his almost homers that bounce off the wall and hes left on first instead of 2nd base!good to c mike get the every day start instead of the lefty,righty platoon system.(THIS IS NOT ABOUT FREE TICKETS)My son Travis is leaving right after school for bootcamp cause hes inlisted in the826th future army soldiers,ide love to see them get thier props!!! he did say all he wanted was to go to a cubs game bfor he left for bootcamp im proud of him and all the soldiers,im disabled now so im not sure i can take him,it would be great if u could give him a shout out, keep on husltling and ty for making us smaller caucasions look fundamentally sound(sorry ram) but run yer *** out of the box ON EVERY PLAY!!GO CUBS!!!- Greg from rockford


    Hi Reed – I’m 11 years old and I kept watching your amazing, fantastic catch over and over. I’m a big fan of the Cubs and a huge fan of yours. My dad loves the Cubs so much his e-mail address is a Cubs address, his license plate is 1CUBSFAN, he has a Cubs logo on his cell phone and his dog was named Cubby. I live in New York and have only been to one Cubs game, but I want to come to more. P. S. Say hi to all of your teammates for me. I’ll keep reading your blog and hope you keep winning! GO CUBS GO!

  45. thewazzo

    Reed is the most under rated player in the game today. It’s almost a shame that the cubs have so many good outfielders, reed should get more starts.


    I’ve been a Cubs fan for a long time now, and that catch you made was one of the best I’ve seen. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to make a catch like that, you must feel like a superhero.

    That was a great triple the other day in Houston, too. You’re a really entertaining ballplayer to watch. If someone put together all the sportscenter-worthy catches you’ve had it would make one hell of a highlight reel.

    Keep it up. Thanks for trying to bring the Cubs all the way. The fans are behind you.

  47. Mal_loves_Fontenot!

    Reed…if you giving Font. a hard time makes him play better make fun of him every hour of the every day! lol I love Fontenot…and you of course but I want nothing more than to see him do well. But what i really wanted to say was keep up the good work and you deserve to play a lot more than you do currently. Good luck and show em how to catch and hitt =]


    That was diffentley one of the best catches i have ever seen in my life. I was watching that game acutally and when they said that prince has never hit i grand slam i was thinking this guy is gonna hit one right here. When i seen the ball get hit in the air i was about to shut the tv off than i seen u make the catch. I couldt believe that you made it at first. But all i can say is that was a great catch and keep up your hard work for the rest of the season!!

    Go Cubbies!!

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