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A guy like Bobby Scales, you see how hard he works. He’s the first one down in the cage and one of the last ones to leave. He puts the work in. He’s been in the Minor Leagues for a long time. I think somebody like that really deserves a shot. To see him come up here the first time last week, when it was up in the air whether Ramy was going on the DL or not, and then to have him go down and you’re thinking, “Man, that might be his only shot to be here.” To be back a week later, it means a lot, and not only to him but to other guys in the clubhouse who see how hard he works. Guys like that, they deserve a shot.

I remember when I was first called up. I was in Triple-A and it was the fourth or fifth inning of the game. The manager took me out of the game — it was only two weeks into the season. He said, “Hey, I’m going to give you the rest of the day off.” It didn’t make sense because it was only a couple weeks into the season. He said, “You’re going to Toronto tomorrow.” It was a good feeling. It’s probably the same feeling Bobby is having now. You look at the sacrifices you made and all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve gone through the last however many years you were in the Minor Leagues. To see all that and that you got to your goal — now your job is to stay here. He’s one of those guys who everybody is happy to see get called up.

— Reed


  1. byrdi68

    It is good to see these opportunities for guys like Bobby…
    This is a great post and nice to hear about your first big league experience as well.

    Good job with the blog and go Cubs!!

  2. clutch16

    Also wanted to congratulate Bobby on that terrific diving stop in the 6th. Molina had a sure hit on that robbed by a very athletic play. Nice work, there!

    And speaking of athletic plays, that catch to finish the game last night was pretty good, too. Good defense always puts a grin on my face.

  3. markm

    Toronto misses you Reed, I was always a huge fan and you have no idea how upset I was when the Jays went elsewhere.

    At least you are now on a team that has a decent shot at making the post season. All the best Reed!!!!

  4. k8ecee

    Nice post! EVEN BETTER start on this game tonight! That was an awesome blast and glad to see you close the lid on that hit too like that!


    I love this post! I was so happy to hear that Scales was going to start. I sure hope he can stay with the team for a while.
    I do have to say that I am a bit sad though. I miss the jokes concerning Fontenot. Also, I think you should do some stuff like DeRo did last year. An interview with Scales maybe or some of the newer guys to the team. I would like to get to know some of them as well!
    Great game tonight Reed and crew!


    So great to see you get that big hit last night Reed – I knew it was only a matter of time until you broke through because as everyone knows you are a disgusting ballplayer. We cubs fans are behind you 100%. Can’t wait for that first jack.

  7. cubbeeblue

    Loved the comments on Bobby. It was great to hear about your first cup, too. You are one of my favs and I wish you played a little more – but dude that beard is too much! Gotta see more of that face!

  8. cubbiegirls

    Good stuff on Bobby. It would be nice to see him some more, especially after his contributions!

    Great triple last night! You could totally have pulled a Ted Lilly and mowed down Pudge. Ah, Ted. Looks so mild mannered, yet fear him.

    Not so good (well, good if you like schadenfreude): Manny and steroids. Give me a break. Can I just say, I would rather see my team lose EVERY single game, but be clean players with integrity, than “win” with such slimebucket ways? If the day comes where any Cub I cheer for gets busted, it’s going to be a far worse feeling than getting swept in the first round.

  9. millirose

    Congratulations on the three ribbie triple! That was just a great piece of hitting there. It was good to see Bobby Scales, I hope that he gets more opportunities to play. I agree with the other commenters, I would love to see you get more playing time. I think you are the best center fielder we have and I’m very surprised that you aren’t our everday center. Well, good luck tonight to finish the series against Astros.


    I like the way Bobby Scales Plays. He is a good professional player. I still wish Lou would put you in the lineup every day. I do believe the team would be more successful and seem to win more games with you in the lineup….just my thoughts.



    Great triple play the other night! I love the beard, too! Does it have anything to do with Hawks fans growing “play off beards”? I think a posting about the beard is in order!

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments about Bobby. Keep them coming and GO CUBS!!



    Reed – Keeping with honoring those who work hard to make it, I for one would like to celebrate Hoffpauir’s journey. I saw him at Spring Training 2008 and thought then this guy’s got it. The way I see it he’s on the team 2 years now, and there’s not a #6 shirt to be had anywhere near Wrigley or online. I wear #23, #2, and importantly #9 to the games to support what I consider great fundamental baseball players. I’d like to add #6 to that collection in honor of the way he plays the game. Any ideas? Where are they keeping the secret stash of Hoffpauir jerseys?

  13. cubbies73

    I have nothing but respect for Mr. Scales. He’s worked hard in the minor league system and finally got his shot with the big leagues. That triple and his dive into third was awesome. He was airborne! lol I see nothing but good things happening for him. He’s made people take notice with his limited play. I love the beard Reed, you should keep it. 😀 I hope that Aramis has a speedy recovery. That was some scary stuff. I don’t like to see any players get hurt.

  14. bleedingcubbieblue

    Hey Reed,
    Any of you guys come up with a “Superman” type nickname for Bobby after his triple the other night? Len and Bob were almost tripping over their tongues to come up with something clever to say about his death-defying leap into 3rd. Good stuff! Let Rami, Derek, and Big Z know that Cubs’ Nation is praying for their speedy recovery! Keep up the great work on and OFF the field Reed, your definitely one of my faves!


    Mr. Johnson
    My name is Zach Oakley and I play for the Michiana Clippers travel team.
    and I was watching the game yesterday and saw that you guys were wearing pink. I just want to say thank you. My mom is going through breast cancer right now and i thought it was cool that you guys wore the ribbons on your shirt.
    I also play the outfield and I thank you are great.


    see what coffee can do; it inspired a heartfelt and human story…thanks reed between the vines


    You are my favorite Cub and I love watching you play! Bobby Scales’ story brings a tear to my eye every time. And I loved it last year when the Toronto fans gave you a standing O when you came up to the plate! That’s what baseball is all about. I’ll be at the game tonight! Go Cubbies!


    i agree totally that you (or Fukudome) are the Cub’s best CF . Soriano, You, and Kosuke (Left to right) are the best OF the cubs could possible have, and you and kosuke are the two of the best OF in the league IMO. You guys always make excellent plays and get great jumps on fly balls. keep up the good work and Go Cubbies!


    reed, great work and keep it up! on the issue of Bobby Scales, as my dad said “this guy seems like his life story should be a movie.” So many years in the minors and he’s finally getting a chance to prove himself in the big leagues. That to me shows a lot of heart and dedication to the game which I believe makes for an all around better team. Lets get er’ done cubbies!



    this is the first time i have read your blog. i’m throughly enjoying it. thanks for taking the time. YOU ROCK!

    stacey stone,
    CUBS FAN since 1968

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