I try to do the same thing at the plate with runners on as I do with nobody on. Right now, I’m trying to keep my swing simple, and take a straight path from my back shoulder straight down to the ball. Whether or not I’m leading off the inning or whether the bases are loaded and nobody’s out, I know that’s my best chance to hit the ball hard somewhere. I try to take the same approach that’s brought me success.

You really don’t want to change your approach. Some guys are trying too hard to get a hit with runners in scoring position, and that’s the wrong way to go about it. I don’t know if that’s what’s going on with our team. I know from my experience, when I haven’t hit well with runners in scoring position, it’s one of those situations where you’re trying too hard. You have to scale back, be patient and get pitches.

I know fans are frustrated. We’re frustrated, for sure. I think even though we have our Nos. 4 and 5 hitters out, you feel like you’ve got good enough players in here to do more than what we’re doing. We’re not going to be the same team without those guys, but at the same time, I don’t think our offense has really lived up to its capabilities.

— Reed


  1. rhiannondenine

    I feel for you guys- every time something seems to be clicking, a guy goes down or the bullpen can’t hold the lead for you. The stars have to align eventually, right? Speaking of aligning stars, I think if you were in the lineup more, along with our RBI leaders from last year, we’d be in better shape! Right handed hitters get RBIs, too! The situation with Rami can’t be helped, but you know we’re all pulling for DeRo to come back. Can you post your thoughts on this? 🙂 I think if you keep your sense of humor, you’re helping the team out on and off the field… guys like you keep the game fun! Keep your chin (and facial hair, too) up- we’re all pulling for you!

  2. mhi2sense

    3 paragraphs of nothing to say…. What’s the matter Reed can’t come up with a belivable excuse ??…. Here’s the gist: Soto blows as a catcher… He can’t catch the damn ball and I said it days ago before he blew the Cubs lead and before yesterday when he did the same thing allowing “wild Pitches”… Also, Soriano needs to be moved to 3rd base…. Let Bradley, Johnson, and Fukudome run the OF till Ramirez gets back…. Then the Cubs need to go get Freddy Sanchez…. after Ramirez gets back there will be no holes except for catcher…. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but Paul Bako is a better catcher than Soto defensively and I would rather see Bako behind the plate at this point… the Cubs pitching is just fine, but in need of a true closer (maybe Glavine as a long shot)…. Marmol, Gregg are perfect set up pitchers, but the Cubs need dominance… Perhaps Dempster could move back if all the cubs could get is a starter…. But, that is my accessment…. The Cubs need a 2nd baseman… Pinella needs to move Soriano to 3rd temporarily… and the closer role needs to be addressed for real

  3. mhi2sense

    tell Hendry to trade Soto while dude is still respectable as a catcher…. trade for an up and coming catcher or use Soto to trade for Sanchez…… Catcher is the most important defensive position… I know the propaganda about CF and SS…. but the Catcher will field 250 balls compared to the 10-20 **** or CF will field…. the catcher being so weak defensively is the sole demise of the Cubs right now… and Soto can’t call a game either…. Marchall’s stuff was wicked the other night… he was hitting his spots perfectly…. and Soto calls for a ball 4 in a 3-2 count cause he is scared and timid due to his own struggles….. The Cubs need an aggressive catcher who can do the job…. with offensive considerations second…. I can’t think of one hard hitting catcher on a World Series team since Johnny Bench retired.. Well Mike Piazza too I guess… but catcher is a defender 1st and offensive 2nd…. and Soto doesn’t have either right now.

  4. tortuguita5


    Keep it up and let all the guys know, that (real) fans might be frustrated, but we didn’t become Cub’s fans because it was easy. We still love you guys and things are looking up. I think once Aramis is backs things will get better, but PLEASE don’t lose your amazing attitude, your teams and your fans need it more than ever. Take it from a mental health professional…positive attitude and mind-set is what you guys need more than anything right now.

  5. tortuguita5

    PS Take some fun and relaxation time tomorrow on your day off and tell the other guys to do the same!

  6. bacon011@aol.com

    Soriano is a sure strike out… I can throw a sinker ball low and away three times in a row for crying out loud! Check that… first pitch strike, then two low and away sinkers… That guy is AWFUL!!! D Lee is producing the way a major leaguer should be! If the rest of the sCrUBS would follow his lead theyd be in first place!! But this is just a recent phenomenon… dont get used to it… too much ego The only position injury is Ramirez… that is NO excuse for the performance of this club! This is a team with no heart, no guts, and no chemistry! There are way too many egos on this team! Perfect example… today, with the sCrUBS up 1 late, they had 1st and 2nd no outs… PERFECT time for a sacrifice bunt… only problem was Sorryano came up… rather than laying one down for the team, the bumb proceeds to strike out swinging at yet ANOTHER ball in the dirt! This happened against Houston too… And sorryano isnt the only one guilty of this… up and down the sCrUBS lineup there are countless selfish bumbs that would have done the exact same thing! Lee, Ramirez, Soto, Sorryano, Bradley… ALL unwilling to put one down… Until this changes, the sCrUBS will continue the streak… I wish we had a team of reed johnsons! ALL reed johnsons… no sorryanos, no lees, no sotos… ALL reed! When that happens, when the sCrUBS get a team of all reed johnsons, the streak will end… until then, 101 and counting!

  7. reediculousskills

    You guys are the Chicago Cubs. I’m not even from Chicago, but it’s my all time favorite city, the Cubs are my team, and I admire & envy the Cubs fans. From an outsiders point of view, your city is electric with Cub pride. A co-worker went there, got on the El and told me he figured there must be a big game going on cause everyone had on Cub gear. When he noticed people getting off at different stops, he finally asked a guy wearing a jersey if there was a game today. The guy simply said “no”. He then realized that they just wear the gear because they love the team. I’ve also felt that same fever there. I used to get mad when people that were supposed to be your fans turned on you guys when things weren’t going right. Then I realized that they aren’t d****, they’re just passionate fans that are frustrated. But come on. Despite the stats, you are the luckiest people, you get to live in Chicago and call them “YOUR TEAM”! Support them when they are down, it’ll make the wins that much sweeter!

  8. mlbfanwi

    Reed, lets get this turned around. I’m not going to lie…it was really hard to watch the game yesterday. It’s crazy but it seems like you guys have been awful this year but you are over .500 and only 3.5 games out (only behind 2 games in losses). I think this team has a lot of upside but its not early anymore and some clutch hits wouldnt hurt. You guys have a very tough road coming up but you need W’s. Im sure we don’t help the situation with our attitude but we care and expect a lot from this team. Good luck down south and tell Randy Wells we all feel bad for him. He really could be 5-0 or 4-1. That poor guy.

  9. ninkellee@hotmail.com

    I cannot believe some of the posts that people leave here. Whenever I tell people I am a Cubs fan, they always laugh or say, “I’m sorry.” My response is always that there is no need to be sorry; Cubs fans are the nicest fans in the world and we love our team no matter how they are performing. Real Cubs fans would never be as negative as some of the people who are posting here. Positivity is the key to being a true Cubs fan. So, although winning is fun, it is not everything. We had a bad, but fun century and we’ll win eventually. Along the way, the TRUE fans are going to enjoy every minute of the game!

  10. enh8@hotmail.com

    Reed, you are an amazing athlete! Keep up the hard work and you will have a great season! Go Cubbies!

  11. cubbeeblue

    Don’t know what dunlapil@aol.com is smoking, but Gregg is not the answer and I’d unload Bradley asap. Johnson is one of the only highlights of this team. If Hendry didn’t trade it away (DeRosa, Wood) he got overthehill players worth @#%$. Can we build a team around Theriot, Johnson, and…? okay Theriot and Johnson. Maybe Dempster and Wells for the pitching staff. It’s gonna be a long year.

  12. markgus@cdwg.com

    I’m totally with ninkelle@hotmail.com. My dad and I watched Cubs games as far back as I can remember, and now I am a 29 year veteran of Cub fandom. I won’t lie, I was so angry last October! I think I was talking to my parents and my mom mentioned something about the Cubs and I said “I’m done with them, don’t wanna talk about it, they broke my heart.” But when February rolled around, I got that familiar, fantastic itch.

    I’ve moved much closer to Wrigley recently (only 10 minutes on the Red Line!) and have been to three games thus far, my buddy and I will be there again this weekend. I go to bars in Wrigelyville during road trips to watch games. Why? Because I am a true Cubs fan, through and through. The people hating in the blog most likely don’t understand what the meaning of being a true fan is.

    Reed, keep up the great work and thanks for the blog posts! Everyone on Lou’s lineup card is a solid player. Things will get going here in June.

    ps tell Mr. Wells we all love him!

  13. ninkellee@hotmail.com

    Thank you markgus, it is good to know that there are others that feel the same way I do. From reading these comments I was starting to think the true fans were few and far between. I have been a Cubs fan for 20 years (and I am visiting Wrigley for the first time in 3 weeks!) and never heard such negativity. I just wish people would keep it to themselves. Every team struggles at one point or another. We just have to hang on, show our love and know that eventually all will work out.

  14. schmitz8500@yahoo.com

    I agree with markgus and ninkelle. Everyone has a bad day at work…ok a bad year/few years but they will get through it. Playing good or bad, I still tune in to all the games. Reed, you are such a down to earth guy and it’s great to get to know more about you through this blog. Sorry dunlapil…Soto will reconnect and his talents that made him NL Rookie of the year will surface. I would love to see some of the bloggers do the job of a mlb catcher, pictcher, ss, cf, rf etc. It can’t be easy no matter how long you’ve been playing the game. Reed, can you keep us posted on the progress of Ryan’s daughter, Riley? Tell him that his fans are keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers. Shall we compare Dempster to Zambrano? I totaly understand Demp’s reason for slamming the Gatorade machine now. I knew something wasn’t right. Thanks Reed! Keep up the good work!!

  15. echernoffw@yahoo.com

    Hi Reed,
    I think you are a very under-rated player and I think that what you wrote here is very true….this Cubs team WILL get it together soon…it’s still very early in the season. I’m a Cub fan that always has faith. Good Luck.
    Ellen in Toronto

  16. byrdi68

    All of the wanna be managers, please leave the complaining, negativity, and the who we should get rid of and trade for to other blogs….

    Reed, keep up the good work on the field and on the blog…
    Go Cubs…..

  17. millirose

    Hey, that was one long game, but I really enjoyed the fourteenth inning. 🙂 You have it right when you say that some guys are just trying too hard. I know that we have a great line-up and I’m sure that once you hit a slump it makes it that much harder to get out, but just keep trucking because we will get out of this. I love Rammy, don’t get me wrong. I think he is an amazing third baseman and is great at clutch hitting. However, this team is not beaten without him and I’m tired of hearing all of the announcers say that we can’t do it without him and reading about it. That’s bull, this team has some amazing guys. Our starting pitching is incredible this year and we have some great guys in the bullpen, though I would love to see Piniella leave them in for maybe a second inning. I feel for Wells, he should have a few W’s with the amazing pitching he has done. If you read this, please tell Dempster that his little girl and family are in our thoughts and prayers. It can’t be easy to go through that and I hope that she gets to go home soon. Also, I want to see you play more! You bring a certain jolt to the team and I love it! Not to mention how you run down the balls in center. Oh and Fontenot is doing a good job at third, he gets better with every game, even if he had a problem with his throw in the first game against the Reds. Just keep your heads up and have some faith. We will come around and if not, hopefully we have fun anyway. Hope to see you in the game on August 8 against the Rockies. I’ll be there to watch. 🙂 ~Milli~

  18. stephjam78@yahoo.com

    As a Cubs fan since I was 10 back in 1988, I have practically watched every Cubs game, or at least heard them on the radio. Shout out to Harry Carey and Steve Stone for teaching me baseball. Anyway, I think the current Cubs need a shakeup.

    I submit that Rich Harden needs to be tried out as a closer. I think he would dominate that role, and save his arm so he can pitch till he’s 40. I also think that Kevin Gregg should be a 7th inning guy, with Marmol as the setup man….most of the time. Randy Wells has proved, albeit in limited playing time baseball-wise, that he is a major league starter. Guzman has proved to me this year that he is a very good reliever, so I see him as our main 7th inning guy…if only we could trade Gregg. But with Guzman, Gregg, Marmol, and Harden as our late inning guys, that should be pretty dominant. A starting staff of…in order….Lilly, Zambrano, Dempster, Wells, and Marshall is certainly the best in our division. Zambrano, as good as he is and I love his temper (remember Shawon Dunston?) has simply never proved he is a number 1 starter. But he can consistently win 13+ games, which is good enough for a number 2.

    Hitting wise…we need a change in our current lineup. Bradley is doing good enough for me so far, but he is not a down the order hitter with his excellent command of the strike zone. Soriano should still bat leadoff cause he simply doesnt thrive anywhere else, but I like Bradley as the number 2 hitter because of his OBP. Lee should be our number 3 hitter because he is mostly a singles, doubles hitter at this stage of his career, and I have confidence in his abilities. Before going on, let me list my idea for our current lineup:


    We need hitting. Sacrifice the defense at 2nd base, and try Soriano there again (and as a manager, I dont care what position he wants to play, he’s going to try 2nd base again or sit on the bench). Expect alot of errors there, but I dont think it will cost us games because I would use Scales and/or Miles as a defensive replacement late in close games. When Ramirez comes back, Fontenot will be the defensive replacement. And Soto isnt a definite everyday player yet. Hill has proved that he deserves playing time, so 3 games a week for him and 4 for Soto would be a good match. At least until we see what Hill has to offer with 300 at-bats.

    The trick to this lineup is actually you Johnson. You are a good clutch hitter and RBI producer, so I would put you in RBI situations….at least for now. I would put Fukudome back into RF, with Johnson in CF. Bradley projects to me as more of a LF. That would be a very good defensive outfield.

    Our lineup is lacking bigtime on home run hitting, but thats a small part of the game. Remember the Cardinals of the 80s? Only Jack Clark could hit it out of the ballpark, but they had great clutch hitting…plus other stuff, but this aint about them. Clutch situational hitting is the key to winning ballgames, and with this lineup Ive conceived even with the injuries, we would be a better team than simply 2 games above .500.

  19. bat-and-ball


    Do you have any hope that the Cubs will win a world series in the next 100 years. I’m sorry if i’m being an *** or jerk, but i would like to know the level of confidence you have in your orginaization. I’m wishing you the best of luck and I hope you pound the Astro’s into outer space. Have a nice day

  20. schaefman

    My wife and I are in full agreement that you, Reed, are the best thing that has happened to the Cubs in the last 2 years. The effort has not gone un-noticed. First, you were great in the field, with more Highlight Reel quality catches that many guys ever see. The other day, you made a play where you came flying in on a ball that went just over Short, and you didn’t loose a step between getting behind the ball, making the grab, and hurling it in, making damn sure that it was a single, and not a double. Nowadays, you have really been doing well behind the plate, too. I would love to have them put Kosuke back in RF, and have you play CF everyday. Bradley has a great eye at the plate, but things have not come together for him. I think we maybe blew it getting rid of D-Ro, and I hope the rumors come true, and they go get him back.

    Thanks for the hard work, and great results.

  21. 2cubs17

    Hey Reed,

    So I guess we are at that time of year where frustrated fans are getting very creative with their word plays (sCrUBS…wow must have taken a while to come up with that one). I know you and every Cub probably know this already but all the boo’s and name calling and requests for trades….is just another form of love from your fans. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t take the time to say those awful things… we all love the Cubs, we just show it in different ways.
    I am a firm believer in “Everything Happens For a Reason”… I think last year was a little too easy (I don’t mean easy-easy cause I know winning 97 games is not easy at all) but the team didn’t have to go through anything like this. The 2007 team started out bad…real bad and then all it took was a punch in the face in the dugout and things just seemed to get better and they won the division. I’m not telling you to go punch a teammate but I think a change is coming and this rough stint is going to help you guys and make you a stronger team…. BUT — if there is no change by the end of June…please punch someone just in case. Oh and tell Randy Wells we love him very much and he will get that W! — Natalie

  22. cubsluver

    Alright, I’m going to tell it like it is. We stink this year and its Lou’s and Hendry’s fault for trading off the players we need to win games. Hendry keeps defending his position by saying the organization is in financial straits and had to trade some people to get some money back. Well I have news for you Mr. Hendry, you trade the guys who are making the money (Soriano and Aramis) and send their butts packing. These guys fuss and moan if they so much as get a stubbed toe or a hangnail. Soriano has time and again, shown he couldn’t hit the ball if his life depended on it. Yeah, so what he hits the occasional HR and we are supposed to roll over and thank our lucky stars? And then there’s his defense. He is costing us games because of his lackluster effort;he simply has no heart! Its guys like Theriot, Reed, and DeRosa that win the games for us, as they showed last year. Its guys that want to play;guys with heart and hustle. Pure and simple, sell Soriano and get Mark back, and then split Soriano’s salary between the three…they earned it!!!

  23. cubbeeblue

    Hey those of you who don’t understand True Cubs fans are not hating…they are being truthful. Please understand that it is our love of the game and the team that prompts us…If I’m a hater to you then so be it, but I speak the truth. Johnson is my favorite player as he is a tough player who displays perfection and love of the game at all times.

  24. cubbeeblue

    cubsluver: we are of a like mind and were commenting at the same time (it appears). I agree with you on all points, but one. Ramirez until his injury was playing quite well this year. I won’t advocate trading him as once he’s back we’ll have three offensive players (Johnson, Theriot, Ramirez) You are on the mark (derosa) with all other points. No Hating here, my man/woman!!

  25. cubsluver

    Hey cubbeeblue, first of all thanks for the reply. I am a DieHard Cubs fan, have been since birth. I’ve seen more than my fair share of heartbreaks over the years; most notably 1984, 2003 and last year. Don’t get me wrong if others are thinking I’m dissing the team because it couldn’t be further from the truth. I just love baseball and when I see guys out there who make UNGODLY amounts of money and don’t show the proper respect to the game well…IT TICKS ME OFF!! We had the DREAM TEAM last year and just because we were unfortunate to get swept yet again it wasn’t due to those who gave their all. Check the stats fans you know who gave their all and they we’re the people who expect to step it up but rather the guys who don’t make the big bucks. Its these guys I want playing for me (Reed, DeRosa,Theriot). Granted you can’t win games with just three guys, but its precisely these types of guys that show they have more spirit, heart and hustle in their pinkie than Soriano has in his entire body. We seriously need Mark back. If it hadn’t been for him the past two years we wouldn’t have even scored in the post-season. Its very disheartening this year to watch. Hendry KILLED the Cubs, drawn and quartered. He seriously screwed DeRo over. Nothing against Fontenot but he’s not a full timer…period. Mark was. It should have been Fontentot to the Indians so that we could have had Mark at third defensively and offensively. Sure we maybe giving up a little on RBIs with Aramis gone, but Mark is a solid defensive player and a clutch hitter. If there was a game on the line, I would feel much better with a DeRo, Theriot or Johnson at the plate than Soriano (and by Johnson I mean you Reed) U rock!! Keep up the great work and tell Theriot and the other who actually care that we’re cheering for them. GO CUBS GO!!!

  26. Mal_loves_Fontenot!

    Well, despite all the negative comments toward your fellow players and manager/owner, i feel every team goes through a time where they adjust to previous trades, and/or newly aquired players. I do not think that people should be getting as upset as they are. I am certainly not all that excited of how the season is going butt if we get our key guys healthy and HITTING, we could be a NLCD champ. contender. I do have to agree with some that the DeRosa trade was entirelyyy horrible considering how much of an asset he was to the team, butttt I do NOT think Fontenot should have been traded instead, especially since the Indians probably wouldnt have accepted that trade anyway(no offense at all to Font.) But basically just keep up the good work maybe Lou will FINALLY realize you are neeeded to help pick up the slack and put you in. Good Luck have fun and show em how its done!

  27. reediculousskills

    I think that we should see Reed in the All Star game. It’s time for us to step up and write in Reed Johnson for outfield… he deserves to be there!

  28. reediculousskills

    I think it’s time for us step up and get a player in the All Star game that deserves to be there… Reed Johnson for outfield!
    Write in, vote at the games.

  29. edelweiss

    Commenting on a blogsite requires no knowledge of the subject, and it seems everyone has an opinion. Luckily, none of the negative whiners is actually managing the Cubs. You can’t shake up a ballclub every time a player is slumping, nor is it wise to go back and re-acquire a player that has been traded. You need to look at a player’s history to understand that the Cubs did not make a stupid move in trading DeRosa. He is a good first half player, but he falls off as the season progresses. Fontenot usually starts off slowly, and makes a blunder or two early season, and then ends up as one of the best at his position. Fontenot is a natural second baseman, and the Cubs have been looking for one for a while. De Rosa can hit, and play several positions, none of them well. He belongs in the American League. It is easy to second guess the trade now that Ramirez is injured, but DeRosa is not a true utility man, as he expects to play every day. Aaron Miles may not hit like DeRosa, but he is a good utility fill-in, and understands his role. What would have happened had we kept DeRosa, and Ramirez not been hurt? Fontenot is not a utility player, yet he has willingly left the position he fought so hard to win, and played a respectable third base. We see all his mistakes because we follow the Cubs, but he is not so bad compared to other experienced third basemen.

  30. cubsluver

    You should know about having no knowledge ginn, apparently you have no clue what you’re talking about. Anyone with half a brain can see what a bonehead play it was to trade DeRosa. EVERY position he played he did well, and I heard it said from ESPN commentators as well as the Cardinals’ commentators. If he was so bad as you say, then why would they also agree with me that the Cubs seriously screwed themselves with the trade? And for the Cardinal commentators they said that getting him for their team would greatly improve their chances. And as far as Mark cooling off toward the end of the season, you haven’t looked very well at his stats. He drove in the most runs and got most if not ALL of the post season hits. What did our heavy hitters do…DIDDLY SQUAT!!! so…before you go posting get your facts straight. Because anyone with blinders on could see that losing DeRosa and Wood for that matter is going to seriously come back to bite us in the ****. Say what you want, you probably will anyway. But Mark DeRosa should have been given MVP status for the Cubs last year and true baseball fans would know that!!!

  31. mlbbaseballfan

    wow, words fail me right now dunlapil. Soriano to Third, Bako to replace Soto? Are you Dave Kaplan? Seriously, just stop talking, you sound like an ignorant fool.

  32. jonnnnnn

    good post. This blog has really given us a different perspective on baseball players. We’ve never really been able to get inside the head of major leaguer this easily, and it’s pretty cool being able to read your writings a couple times a week. Keep up the good work.


  33. pnt1019@cmcast.net

    Ahhh..there is truth in what you speak grasshopper. But..I say… you hit ball, I cheer….You no hit ball, I no cheer. Cuss and call you names. Now you all go hit ball now so I can shoot BB’s at Cardinal and chug a brewer…….Remember….Wax on, Wax off, Wax on……
    Go Cubs Go!!!

  34. roxy9

    Great advice for any ball player. You can handle yourself well. Keep up the great work both in the outfield and up at the plate. Hopefully we see you in center field more these next few games.


  35. edelweiss

    Can anyone explain just why the Indians want to get rid of DeRosa? He is doing a lousy job at third base, but hitting well. and they have no one to replace him at third. Maybe the Cubs were onto something.

  36. mhi2sense

    REPLY FROM DUNLAPIL…… To the hippies who want me to become a mindless happy moron and just support my team….. Go change your tampon, woman…. and save me your mindless ideologies about what you think the perfect robot would be… I’ld piss on your foot if this was in person…. To the numbnut who asked what I was smoking and then said Gregg isn’t the answer… WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING ??,,, Cause I never said the word Gregg in any post on these blogs…. Learn to read, comprehend, think… and then reply…. you are skipping the 1st three steps in the brain’s working order….. Now on to say what I came here to say:….. Yo Reed…. Go tell Pinella he is screwing up by pushing Milton Bradley, You tell Pinella to send Bradley home till the 25th of june to heal and clear his head… then when Bradley comes back 100%, then get him through a mini spring training and start him after the All Star break for the run to the playoffs… He’ll be fresh and healthy.. If Pinella keeps playing Bradley… Bradley will favor the unhealthy leg and put all his weight on his good leg, cause him to run in unnatural positions testing his bones and ligament in a way they haven’t trained for and it will cause even worse injuries….. That is Dusty Baker team management…. I know the goal is to win… But, don’t forget Pinella… It’s about being in the groove come playoff time.. and Milwaukee’s best is barely good enough for 1st place… The Cards are rebuilding… The Astros blow… The Cubs will slide in by default… Don’t sweat it… Stick to the program and trust your people…. Bradley can heal, it’s ok…. And Lou Pinella….. Are you a man who does things half ashed, or do you do them right…. Cause Bradley needs rest to recover to 100%…. a 95% Bradley isn’t good enough… Fukudome, Johnson, and Soriano can handle things till Bradley and Ramirez get back….. Then all the bad mojo is done and it’s time to reap the good mojo through the playoffs… The problem you face is teaching Soto not to be a wussy and catch the ball with his nut sack if he has to…. Convince him to Dive in front of the dang thing like a bodyguard taking a bullet for a politician….

  37. pnt1019@cmcast.net

    Whoa dunlapil do you rally think Reed or any cub actually reads these comments.Your the one not thinkin. Most the stuff you say maks some sense but this aint the place . e-mail IT to Lynn and Bob, maybe they can pass it on

  38. mhi2sense

    they read it….. they want to know what the fans/consumers are thinking as a resource for ideas to better the team and continue to profit from…. It’s basic corporate information gathering, and every company does it….. It also acts as a form of advertising…. While some of the people here may not appreciate me taking my time in life and sharing it free of charge with the Cubs, there is someone who reads blogs and gets a paycheck who is happy to be reading what I write and the drama I stir up.. to then pass it on to a superior in the form of a edited report, that has my quotes in them… But, what I came back here to follow up on….. I would take Soto and put him behind the plate with all the gear on and Marshall on the mound… I would tell Marshall… Soto not catching the ball is why you are in the bullpen…. and I wouldn’t give Soto a glove, instead I would tape up his hands so he didn’t break anything but couldn’t catch the ball…. And then I would have Marshall throw curveball after cuveball to Soto, until I seen Soto stopping every last pitch without a glove by trapping it with his taped up hands, or using his body, or a combo of those things…. Once Soto learns how to catch without a glove, then you give him the glove and make his job easier….. It would also help Marshall spritually to get that frustration out… and trust me… bad blood is not good for a team environment.. got to get it out..

  39. dinocubfan

    Wow Reed, after reeding your blog, you said that the players were frustrated with the way the team was playing! well I don’t see it at all! and after some of the comments I have seen alot of us don’t see it. we all want to the Cubs win, but some of the games are over before they have even started, just going through the motions, and you can tell. Making all that money and not giving 100% everyday,every play is cheatting the game and the fans!!! Feal free to relay this message to Soriano, I am very tired of half speed. If I did the same at work I would be fired! somebody needs to step up and be the leader!

  40. smiely21@yahoo.com

    my coach always told me to go out there and have fun…that seemed to do the job…took less stress off of us and then helped us focus on the fundementals. …things then began to click with me as an individual player and the team as a whole…i am sure Lou has ALLLLLLLLL the best advice for you guys! Chins up…can’t get anyworse…only up here from here!

  41. dinocubfan


  42. edelweiss

    Bradley really screwed up today, but so have the majority of Cubs. He didn’t cost us the game. The team that can string the most hits and walks together is the one that wins. Most of the team has slumped sometime this season, and now it is Soriano and Theriot. Lee and Soto seem to be emerging from their doldrums, as is Bradley. We have no way of knowing if Ramirez would have slumped, had he been healthy. Sometimes the test of a player’s character is what he does while slumping. Think back to what Mike Fontenot did when he was in a horrible slump, and couldn’t buy a hit.. Two or three times during that slump, he walked with the bases loaded, and had several at-bats that wore out the pitchers, even if he, himself didn’t get a hit. Being patient at the plate helps. There is not one player who can be the Messiah, and carry the team, and not one player who can make the team fail by making a mistake. That is why you have nine players on both offense and defense. When the team begins to make the most of every opportunity, and overcome the occasional blunder,you will begin to win. No player should dictate where he bats in the lineup. All is not lost, and attitude is everything.

  43. dinocubfan

    i don’t care what anybody says 10 million a year and you should no how many outs in an inning. after playing A ball for a year in the 80’s for the cubs, there’s no fire, no hunger, no playing of the game. bunt, hit and runs and steels are all part of the game, and the Cubs can’t do any of them. my contract for was for $11,000a year, and i loved it and at 45 i would do it again. maybe thats the problem, players forget that people would give up everything to be in there shoes, and money didn’t mean anything!! it was the game, I still love the game and nobody knows how to play anymore. Cubs are my team, win or lose my team, but right now the Cubs are not a team, just a bunch of guys trying to play the game.

  44. dubblplay

    Please help me out with something. Why does this team hate to walk and squeeze bunt? Do the Cubs practice bunting on a regular basis? I hate “money ball”. The only money ball is scoring at every chance.

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