Cubs vs. Sox

Just winning ballgames right now is important for us. I don’t think it’s a motivational thing to play the White Sox. If it was, it’d be a really good series for us to look forward to because it’s easy to get the adrenaline going with the rivalry and the way the fans get into the game. Our fans have been into the season since Day 1. Offensively, we really haven’t shown what we showed them last year. Hopefully, we can find that rhythm again.

If we can get Soriano swinging the bat well again with the way Derrek is swinging and add on Aramis around the All-Star break — maybe before, maybe after — if we can do that and stay pretty close in the division race, we’ll feel pretty confident.

I was hurt last year during the Cubs-Sox series. I think I was 12 days into the DL stint when we played the White Sox at their place. I was healthy and I knew I could play but I had to ride out the 15 days. Just to watch that atmosphere — it was like a playoff atmosphere — and to not be part of it, that stunk. I’ll be looking forward to it this year.

— Reed 


  1. roxy9

    Best of luck in the series. Hopefully we blow the sox away with our strong starting pitching and good trips to the plate. I hope you can play this series! See ya at some games


  2. iliketurtles

    Reed, I love your enthusiasm, I hope to see you play in the series. Hopefully you guys can get into a good rythm and kick some butt! 🙂

  3. cubswinws8

    You guys will get it going soon, take my word for it. I have a question though, it said you posted at 2:21. Wasn’t the game on at that time?

  4. insobaseball

    Hey Reed, thanks for the entry. I think the atmosphere during this series is always a little charged up, but I think it will be especially more so given our recent struggles at the plate. I still don’t understand why Lou doesn’t start you more; he was supposedly “shaking up the lineup” but were you still on the bench! Did you and he have a falling out???

    I’m just kidding, I’m sure Lou has his reasons, but when things are going south sometimes you have to throw out what he seems to consider conventional wisdom that you can’t hit right-handed pitching. I disagree, and I’m sure you do to.

    Anyway, let’s you get you in that lineup more often, please. You ARE a difference maker!

    Thanks, and Go Cubs! Let’s keep our heads above water and focus on the positives!

  5. grandoldgame

    You’re a bad dude, RJ. When the Cubs figure that out, they’ll be better off for it.

    Not to mention getting Lou to drop Soriano in the lineup. Leadoff hitter? Please.

    Oh yeah, that catch against the Brewers? One of the best EVER, and I’ve been a baseball and Cubs fan for 20 years. Well done.


    Hey Reed…
    Can you make sure the visitor’s dugout has plenty of puke bags for the so-called manager of the White Sox? It would be a shame for him to get sick all over beautiful Wrigley Field!! 🙂 Should be an interesting week…GO CUBS!!!

  7. millirose

    Things are going to pick up to back up the amazing starting pitching we have this year. They would pick up a lot faster if they would put you in the lineup more often. You’re like a little spark plug. You play with a passion that is unparalleled and I love watching you play! We have a great team, things can only stay this way for so long before we’ll break out. I have enjoyed seeing Soto get some hits, maybe he will stop being so down on himself and realize what he is capable of again. D. Lee is doing amazing with his hitting streak and I would love to see it continue. They keep walking Fontenot and then Theriot coming through with the clutch RBI…AMAZING!! I was jumping up and down with you guys. Just keep your heads high and swing those bats because the fans still love ya!


    hey reed i know you said it’s not really a motivational thing to play the white sox but you guys should use at as one. mop the floor with the Sux and laugh Ozzie back to the south side.

  9. hotkorner

    Cubs need to trade for Adrian Gonzalez. It will cost alot but it would be a bigger move then Tex signing with the Yanks. Not only is he an offensive force, but his defense is superb. Whatever it takes make it happen, before someone else does.

  10. randyfan36

    Hey Reed,
    It really is a shame that Aramis can’t be in the crosstown classic. I was in Chicago last year during this series and he hit the walk-off. He does so well against them.
    These games are so much fun to watch. I hope you guys sweep them like you did last year!

    I’ll be watching!

  11. chicubs23

    Hey Reed,

    With all due respect to the rest of the team, i do enjoy watching you play, and i have all the confidence in the world when you’re out on the field. You always exert all you can, and you always look like a winner. Even if the Cubs are getting stepped on, and if it looks like we’re going to get hammered. I always have a good feeling when i see you out there because i know that you love the game, and you love playing the game.

    The wins will come, but i hope that the spark thats needed to make you guys explode will come first. You’re a true Cub, and it makes me feel great as a fan watching you give your all for my favorite ball club.


    Darius Kennedy

    Chicago, Illiinois

    GO CUBS GO!!!

  12. bleedinblue

    Reed, quick question. This may sound ridiculous but does the club have a team sports psychologist? I know a professor that teaches at a local university here. He has a PHD in sports psychology. He has worked with all types of professional and collegiate athletes. The guy is truely phenomenal to talk to. He just really makes you take a step back and say ‘you’re right, its just that easy’……….. I’ve played ball at what i consider a pretty high level and I know how you can really just tie your brain into a knot (we called it brain se x in college). We have some serious talent on this team that is underperforming. Take Milton for example. I don’t see a lot of flaws in his mechanics (other than muscling up, over swinging and getting long occasionally). For the most part his timing seems to be there, he’s hitting the ball hard, he’s getting inside of pitches middle/away, seems to be getting out on and pretty good extension on pitches on the inner half. So its gotta be mental for this guy. Although I see some mechanical issue with Geo, the same could be said about his mental approach at the plate. I think it would be a great thing for guys like Geo and Milton to sit down with a guy like this and just hash things out. I mean, this guy played some minor league ball. He was a pretty legit pitcher. What a great opportunity something like that would be for these guys. Thoughts?

    Thanks Bud,


    Today was bad, tomorrow will be better. Dempster was incredible – again. I tuned into the Score radio after the game. Can you believe some crazy White Sox fan called in and suggested that the GM’s make a trade. He said that since we don’t have a 3rd baseman and the Sox need a centerfielder that we should trade YOU for their player, Josh Fields, who I understand is not one of their best. I’m not sure what he was smoking but that would NOT be a bright move on the Cubs part! I hope nobody heard his comment. The only uniform you need to wear is a CUBS uniform! Keep up the good work, Reed. Your fans are counting on you!


  14. wermode

    Hey, Reed,

    Do you feel it’s the role of veteran players or manager/coaches to confront players when they give less than 100%? Frankly, we’ve seen some of that lately. Not to name names…but if everyone on the team played with your professionalism–effort, intensity, and concentration–we’d be in a lot better shape this year.

    Thanks again for the blog, for being a Cub, and for giving it all, ALL the time.

  15. edelweiss

    The idea of a sports psychologist is not so strange. Actually the team should have someone like that on staff. What the team needs now is something to take players’ minds off the team’s problem without causing them to lose focus. Some type of team project that would make coming to the park fun again. I remember back in 1974 when Germany’s national soccer team was in the World Cup finals, they made a record album. The songs were similar to college fight songs, and none of the players were professional singers. The lead singer was Berti Vogts, a defender, about 164cm tall, with wavy pale blonde hair, a sturdy build, and a tough as nails demeanor – Hey – an older Mike Fontenot ! They went on to win the title. Then, in 1985, the Bears had that Super Bowl Shuffle video, and later won . The music didn’t cause the victories, but brought the teams together. Remember that national teams are all-star teams. One player cannot bring a team together, nor can he alienate them from one another, but some type of joint effort can help solidify a team. The Cubs do not need different players; they need a common purpose. This is just a hunch, but I’ll bet that if Von Joshua can get Fontenot back on track, the rest of the team will start to hit. I’ve seen player interactions from dugout camera feed, and it looks as though Mike is seen as a good luck charm.


    Glad you updated. And glad for your optimism. You said it, just gotta find that rhythm!

  17. cubbiegirls

    Hey Reed,

    Hard to stay positive with what’s (not) going on out there. I know everyone says their giving it 110%, but sometimes it sure doesn’t look like it with some players.

    I think there were some bad moves made in the offseason spending money on “name brand”, shall we say, instead of keeping the good players we did have. And now we’re sort of stuck with the situation.


    I can’t say it enough!! YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!! I am so glad your a CUBBIE!!!! I am happy that you were healthy for the series this season! You came up and proved yourself, like you always do!!! You are the MAN!!! Thanks again!! Great interview after the game too! You are a class act and I am SOOO proud to be a fan!!! Keep up the good work and keep the team upbeat with your great attitude!

  19. cubbiegirls

    Now THAT was just what the doctor ordered!!!


    I have to say, D Lee has really been going and it’s great to see.

    Now, the Indians. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Favorite pitcher Harden against my favorite player DeRosa? This is like baseball’s version of Sophie’s Choice for me. It’s cruel.


    Great game today Reed! Always love watching you play.

    Got a fashion question for you. Ever since I attended the May 27th game against the Pirates, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of Sunglasses you wear. I’ve looked through a lot of websites but kind seem to match the photos I have of you versus what they might be. Keep up the great playing and good luck against the Indians

  21. 2cubs17

    Great hit today Reed! Thank You! Keep up the good work. Oh and you had a really good catch a fews days back not sure when it was but I know it was you cause it was a great catch…so thanks for that too!

    – Natalie

  22. millirose

    ~Reed~ In case everyone in front of me didn’t get the point across, you’re AMAZING and well loved! I am very happy that you are a Cub and great job running the bases. Also, it was nice to see Soriano come through with RISP. I hope to see more of you and keep vying for time to start in the August 8th game against the Rockies, my sister and I will be in the stands and would LOVE to see you! Going to enjoy seeing DeRo tomorrow and I hope we can pull out another win! Go Cubs Go!

  23. insobaseball

    What a surprise! Reed Johnson scores the winning run! Yes, I am thrilled Sori had a great day and knocked the run in, but hey, someone had to be on second base to score that run. It was YOU! We need you in the lineup. You are a difference maker.
    And just want to say, I like Milton Bradley a lot and I hope the fans give him a chance. He’s a good guy; he’ll come around. We are all sorry about the fielding errors he made last weekend, and they didn’t help, but I just get the sense that he wants to succeed and that he’s a team player. Like our boy Reed!!!
    Keep it rolling guys!
    Say hi to DeRo and Kerry this weekend!

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