Go Chiefs

It was nice to go down there and get some at-bats with the Peoria team. You get to see how excited the kids are, and not only to play baseball but to see you there. It wasn’t just me, but Aramis being there, too. It’s good to show those kids that two guys coming from the big leagues are just normal guys.

I was fortunate to grow up around big leaguers and grow up in that atmosphere and it helped me a lot because I realized these guys are just normal guys and it’s not a far-fetched dream. If you work hard, it’s an achievable goal. When you go down on rehab stints like the two of us did, it becomes a reality for those kids and they can see they’re really not that far away. I was in Hagerstown, which is the same league as the Midwest League, which is low A, and I was three years from being in the big leagues. Sometimes they think they’re so far away, and they’re really not.

We got spoiled down there. There were 15,000 people there for the games. It was not your normal A ball experience. I think it would’ve been different if nobody knew we’d be there. The crowds would’ve been different. It was a good experience to go down and see those guys. They appreciated eating stuff other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, too.

— Reed


  1. ramos106@cox.net

    Hey Reed, it’s your New Orleans fan here. I’m so glad your back!!!! Just got back from the Iowa Cubs game; they’re in town and won 1-0. Good luck tomorrow–Lori

  2. roxy9

    I’m glad they made you feel comfortable in Peoria and Kane County. I wish I could have been there to see your games but at least you’re back. I hear about the minor league experience all the time cause I’m friends with one of your old teammates from then. I’m just glad you’re back and I hope you get some playing time soon.


  3. sprtsdude23@aol.com

    Good to see you play the other day at Kane County. I work at the stadium and i loved seeing the park look like a cubs game. If you ever have family that needs free tickets to a game let me know.

  4. johnson012703@comcast.net

    The Kane County game was so much fun! I thank you for the smile you and Aramis put on my son’s face. It is nice to see the big league guys still caring about the little fans. Now I just have to buy him a new jersey so his autographed Johnson one doesn’t get ruined! But its worth it for a great memory! Good luck and stay healthy! We need you! By the way, who do you go for in the Milwaukee/ St. Louis series this week?~Mary

  5. cubbiegirls

    “Peanut butter and jelly” This one put a smile on my face.

    It’s good to have both you and Rami back.

  6. bored.to.death4@gmail.com

    I don’t think you remember me much. But there was this one day a Wrigily Field, you didn’t get to play, but my dads bank got us these tickets that lets us go down to the field (not in it) and take pictures in the dougout and on deck circle. Well, you signed a ball of mine…and sence you were my favorite (and are currently, evan though I started to like Sam Fuld) player, I was happy. Then I put it on my “Cubs” chair. I was dissapointed when you didn’t play last night! I also really ment to write Ramirez a letter (I intended to do that in May) about how I hoped he would get well soon, but it stunk that I never got around to it. So I’m glad he’s back even though he didn’t do much yesterday…oh well. Good luck on being the central division champs!!!
    Ps: My 2nd favorite team used to be the Indians, untill they traded Mark DeRosa.

  7. mhi2sense

    FROM DUNLAPIL…. Hope you enjoyed Peoria Reed… Lariat Club has world class steaks… ask Thome about it if you missed your chance…. anyway, on to business… I got a message for Hendry or whoever is in charge of Les and Bob, please pass it on…. Me and a lot of others grew up listening to Harry Carey broadcast the games.. and what Harry brought to the table that no other broadcaster brought, or few did.. was he would get plasterd with the fans watching the game.. so they were always on the same level of thinking.. Which isn’t a bad thing.. as a matter of fact it was a wonderful thing… Harry touched the fan base by basically being a guy from the bar they loved to listen to because he was hilarious and a gift…. And there are bar flies all over who enjoy sitting at the bar, getting a buzz on, and laughing and enjoying life without being offensive or rude…who attract people as an audience left and right.. And in the Chicago area, I believe adding someone to the booth who will be unable to drive by the bottom of the tenth inning who is colorful and well mannered would bring back someone who relates with the fans who sit at home, drink beer, and enjoy a cub game.. There is a certain humor that comes out of bars from those kinds of people that makes watching a game that much better… I am sure one would come cheap, and be easy to find a cubs fan at one of the local bars to give them a try… Anyway.. It’s entertainment… and an idea to think about… just add in another voice that is slurred and talks in a way that makes people smile to fill dead air… I think it would pay dividends… just make sure whoever you hire gets a ride home

  8. marrod1964@yahoo.com

    Hi Reed,
    This is my first time on your blog.Just wanted to say I am glad you are back from the DL. I have been a Cubs fan my whole life even though I am surrounded by Sox fans living on the southside. I appreciate an old school hardnosed player that hustles and plays the game the way you do. It is too bad that all ballplayers don’t have the same love of the game and enthusiasm that you bring everyday. Let’s get back on track and come out and take over our division in the second half. Welcome back Reed ! Hope Lou puts you in the lineup more often. Love watching you play.

  9. insobaseball

    Welcome back Reed! Saw you tonight, you had a decent at bat but alas flew out to left. We didn’t see much of you while you were on the DL. Were you traveling with the team? Didn’t see you much in the dugout (and I think you’re a good team guy to have around DL or not), but then a friend of mine made a very good point…If you have a sore back, do you really want to spend 3-4 hours sitting on that bench???
    Anyway, second half is on the horizon. Help us bring it home buddy!

  10. cubbeeblue

    Great to have you back and playing last night, Reed. Sorry we missed you at the KC Cougar game last week – it would have been a treat. While you were with the Chief did you and Rammie take them to dinner?

  11. karenmac

    We loved having you in Peoria! Thank you so much for the time and patience you gave to our fans as well as the Chief players. All the best from section 108!

  12. dubblplay

    It’s great to see you back in Wrigley. Keep working counts, shortening the swing with 2 strikes, hustling in the outfield, and leading by example. I hope to see you execute a squeeze play this season with less than 2 outs. Some of us believe small ball is the answer to the offensive problems.

    Welcome back!


  13. dubblplay

    Keep leading by example. If you can get the other guys to choke up on the bat with 2 strikes, the Ks will come down.


  14. farley

    Hello Reed, I met you in 2003 when you played with the Blue Jays. It was at the first ‘Dog Days’ game and you were there with your dog Shooter, and we took a picture of you, your dog and my dog, Farley, and I. Wishing you all the best for this season and more to come. Thank you, Rob.

  15. nutdrinkingamp12

    1. why hasn’t Bobby Scales updated his blog for such a long time?
    2. better get started on the making fun of Fontenot thing again-it was pretty funny 🙂

  16. insobaseball

    Hi Reed, tough day at the plate today. Hang in there. I hope Lou keeps giving you some opportunities. I mean, it’s not fair that you’ve been on the bench, on the DL, and have to come in and get to Carpenter. Keep it going this weekend….let’s get at least 2 off these guys. And don’t pitch to Pujols!! I’d intentionally walk him back to his hotel if I could….

  17. kelbut33@comcast.net

    Hello Reed, I went to the Kane County Cougars game to see Ramirez but was so excited when I found out my favorite player (you!) was going to be there as well. What a wonderful surprise. My boyfriend called me and said, “Your boyfriend is also going to be at the Cougars game.” Without hesitation I knew he was talking about you and not himself. Thank you for your blog. It’s so great to hear things from a player’s perspective. Not to mention you have such a kind spirit. Looking so forward to the second half of this season. Go Cubbies! -Kelly

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