1. reediculousskills

    Whew… now we can breathe a sigh of relief! hope to see you play next week. Missed you in the line up. Really really happy for you Reed.

  2. bingus

    Very glad you are back. Now this team can get rolling. Time for you to do that ‘Catalyst thing’ that you do to teams. Hoping for first place position soon with St. Louis and Milwaukee playing each other this week. Good luck!

  3. betsybaron59@yahoo.com

    Yeaaaa!!! Happy days are here again!! So glad to have you back….Can’t wait to see you in the line up!!

  4. prosenivy

    Welcome back Reed! The guys did their best holding the ship together in your absence (and really, in the absence of EVERYONE in a Cubs uniform this year whose seen the DL, which has been just about everyone so far). Great game today against the Braves today…six outta the last eight…and man Wells is doing a great job, huh? Four consecutive W flags for that kid…hope he keeps it up! Keep up the momentum and finish this first half strong! Stay healthy Reed, go Cubs!

    Prose and Ivy

  5. dubblplay

    Keep the intensity… even you can develop better mechanics at the plate

    take a first pitch and watch it all the way past home plate. It will help your pitch recognition. Don’t forget… chin starts on left shoulder and always ends on right shoulder over the plate (as in your blog pic). Your low, level bat stance is excellent. It works for Albert P. too. Players who wrap the bat around their head have big holes in their swings.

    Go Reed, stay loose and healthy!

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