Ted & the All-Star break

I’ve known Ted as a baseball player for four, five years now. I had him in Toronto and he was an All-Star in Toronto one of the years I was there. He’s just a guy who, to me, really deserves it because all he cares about is winning. He’s such a competitor and you can see the competitiveness not only on the field but what he does to prepare himself the four days between starts. A lot of guys might be gifted guys who don’t have to do a whole lot of work. He’s a gifted guy and puts in a whole lot of extra work. I think that’s why you see him have so much success. Just getting his 100th win is a great accomplishment for a guy who really deserves it.

As far as Fontenot goes, we had some suggestions for him, like yoga or stretching to try to lengthen himself out a little bit. Hopefully, he comes back in the second half about six-foot and he’ll start playing like he’s six-foot-four. That’s the plan for him.

I think it’ll be a good break for everybody mentally to get out of here and take a couple days and come back fresh and see how we fare against the Nationals when it starts up again.

— Reed


  1. roxy9

    Great article. Ted definitely deserves the spot he got in the all star game. You’re right on about the fact that he is a great competitor an just wants to win, and he does a great job doing it.

    Haha oh it would be great to see Fontenot get his “second” growth spurt.

    I agree it will be a good break for everyone, hopefully the second half will be way better than the first.

    Enjoy your break


  2. roxy9

    Great article Reed. You’re right on when saying that Ted is a guy who just wants to win, you can tell that every time he steps on the mound.

    Haha Fontenot getting a second growth spurt wouldn’t be too bad.

    Enjoy your break and hopefully the second half is better than the first one was.

  3. abracadabra

    Love the blog Reed! Keep up the great work on and off the field.

    It’s been an up and down first half, and I’ve come close to losing my mind a couple times, but that’s part of being a Cubs fan I guess. I know you guys will put it together the second half of the season, and I’m looking forward to a great year. Good luck Reed!

  4. brittbeagan@yahoo.com

    haha you make me laugh! It would be nice for Font to get a growth spurt! I went to a game vs. the braves on the 6th and was hoping you would play since you just came back from the DL but unfortunately you didn’t! 😦

  5. brittbeagan@yahoo.com

    haha you make me laugh! It would be nice for Font to get a growth spurt! I went to a game vs. the braves on the 6th and was hoping you would play since you just came back from the DL but unfortunately you didn’t! 😦

  6. marrod1964@yahoo.com

    I couldn’t agree more with you on Ted being a great choice to represent the Cubs as an AllStar. It is usually a popularity contest and it is not always the best players that get voted in. I think Ted does not get all the attention and media coverage that other pitchers do because he quietly goes out there and gives everything he can when he takes the mound. Good for him! I hope he gets in the game and performs well and brings some good luck to our National League team. I am tired of watching the American league win every year! Have a great break and come back strong and ready to play up to the potential that you guys are capable of. I know we have a better team than the one I saw in the first half ! Mary

  7. cubbies206@yahoo.com

    anyone who can take molina out of a game like lilly did last year, barrelling him over at the plate like that, has to be a gamer. it’s great he’s getting recognition.
    i’m traveling to DC to watch you guys play next weekend. best of luck there, and the rest of the season as well, us cubs fan haven’t given up yet.
    and nice “catch” tonight! haha.

  8. cubsfanjen

    Ted’s an excellent choice to represent the Cubs – and proved it once again on Saturday. I don’t know though, I think the National League could also use some of that patented Reed defense in the outfield! πŸ˜‰


  9. edelweiss

    Being eight inches taller wouldn’t help Mike too much. His little body is so well coordinated, he makes taller infielders look awkward. The people who make dumb comments about balls going over his head , or past his outstetched hands have never played professional baseball. What Mike really needs is for someone he trusts to make him see his optometrist during the Break. Being of the male gender, he probably hesitates to admit any kind of weakness. It clear to anyone watching him on HDTV that he is not seeing the ball, and pitchers have picked up on it. Mighty Mouse has a damaged cape, and needs it repaired. Mike can really pick up this team, and you need him to . And, for God’s sake, please don’t let him get Lasik, (or Carlos, either).

  10. millirose

    I loved the catch in the night game of yesterday’s double header!! You are amazing! Lilly definitely deserved to go to the all-star game and I’m so happy that he got his 100th win. I have a blog on MLBlogs and you are often featured in there. You make so many great plays and have such a spark that I wish we could see more of you. I do hope that they let Fontenot play more, I love Font and would like to see the Cajun Connection more. For those that would like, you can enjoy my blog at: http://millirose.mlblogs.com/. The second half will be much better. I miss Soto, but I enjoyed seeing Fox behind the plate and Marshall in left field. lol Go Cubs Go!

  11. dat_cubfan_daver

    Ted Lilly can slam a revolving door.

    Ted Lilly does not shovel his driveway in the winter. He just stares at the snow and it melts away.

    Ted Lilly does not hail taxi cabs…they hail him.

    Ted Lilly does not mow his lawn. He walks out into the middle of it and every blade of grass immediately beheads itself.

    Ted Lilly can jumpstart a car with his fastball.

    Ted Lilly’s curveball… ?circles the Earth twice before it lands in the strike zone.

    In short, Ted Lilly rules – and so do you, Reed. Enjoy the All Star Break.


  12. insobaseball

    I totally agree cubbies206; I’ll never forget that play when “little” Ted Lilly, quiet, unassuming as he is, just whaled into Molina at the plate! What a gamer! I think he shocked the heck out of Molina too! It was awesome. Congrats to Ted, he deserves it. Especially since he’s been ignored many times in the past, left off of post-season rosters etc…. Good for him! And Reed, great catch last night (BTW, loved Lou’s crazy moves late in the game, that was so much fun, maybe he should do it more often….). But after seeing the replay, you kinda trapped it, but it was a good act! An Oscar for you! I was sitting in the LF bleachers and it looked good to me from that angle!!

  13. chi1908cubs

    Glad to see Ted go to the AS game. He really deserves it! Looking forward to the series this week. I will be at all 4 games. I miss Wrigley, but it has been great since they brought that team to DC. I at least get to see the Cubs 4 times a year. Enjoy your rest the next couple of days.

  14. schmitz8500@yahoo.com

    Loved the catch Sunday night against the Cards. That was truly as awesome as you are! Ted is on fire this year and deserves to be an All-Star! Enjoy your break…hope to see you soon at WF!

  15. edelweiss

    Reed, you do so many great things, not only on defense, but also for the morale of the team, that we are surprised at what you and Theriot did to little Mike. It has hit the airwaves that you pooped in one of Theriot’s adult diapers, and left it at the back of the top shelf of Fontenot’s locker, knowing that he can’t even reach that shelf, let alone see towards the back. What is worse is that you left it there for two weeks, even though the stench was debilitating. Practical jokes are lots of fun, but you went too far. Bad stinks are OK, but human excrement is toxic. You could have sickened not only Mike, but also several other players, and cost the team some games. For weeks the sportswriters were talking about how Fontenot’s locker stank, but the joke may have backfired on Ryan. Now everyone is aware of Theriot’s bedwetting problem. Apparently he takes the Depends on road trips. Theriot deserves no sympathy, as we understand the joke was his idea, but you owe Fontenot big time. A public apology might do some good, but you both should take him out to a big dinner, and buy him some ice cream. He needs to put on some weight; he looks very pale, and much thinner than he was in Spring Training. Is it possible that the poopy diaper made him sick? Keep on kidding him about his size because that keeps the chip on his shoulder, where it helps the team, but no more caca , please.

  16. mhi2sense

    yep… agreed…. Lilly is all star worthy… he was worthy when he was pitching with Oakland alongside Zito and Mulder too… They were one of the best staffs in baseball for a good year or two.. And fontenot…. you can only help a young man grow up so much, after that it takes a woman… get one to rub his growth hormone just under his naval and he’ll grow a few inches instantly.. but I came here to say… great job to the cubs for picking up BJ Ryan… Hopefully, he will rebound like Dempster did from tommy john and be up to his old form… which would be sweet to have a experienced closer in the mix… but Roy Halladay would be even better..

  17. edelweiss

    Reed…. The team has too many injuries as it is. Please tell Fontenot to WEAR HIS ANKLE GUARD when he bats!!!!!!!!

  18. betsybaron59@yahoo.com

    Great article….I stand at 5 FT tall so if Fontenot figures out some yoga and stretching that helps make him taller, please be sure to share that information with me as I wish to be taller myself!!! πŸ™‚

  19. cubbeeblue

    That’s awesome, Reed. You guys are inspiring for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you back in the lineup – we need you~

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