9/24 Back in action

I really had no opportunity to rehab anywhere with all the Minor League seasons being wrapped up. With the different pitchers on our staff being pushed back, and Teddy and Harden missing turns, we had to dip into the bullpen more, so there was no way for me to get a sim game in. I stood in against Jeff Stevens and saw 10 pitches in a bullpen when we were in St. Louis, so that’s all I’ve seen as far as pitching goes. I’ve just been hitting and taking BP. Sometimes it’s better if you try to keep it simple and don’t over-think things.

The Brewers knew I hadn’t played in a long time, so they came after me with a fastball in my first at-bat, and I was able to keep it fair down the line.

There’s going to be pain in my foot until the season’s over. Sometimes you need to out-milligram the other team. At this time of year, the jars of anti-inflammatory start emptying out to try to survive the last couple weeks of the season. I’m sure if you went to any team, it’d be the same.

— Reed


  1. insobaseball

    Just a quick comment in the waning days of what has been a disappointing season. Not only for us fans, but certainly for our team and our organization. Hind sight is 20-20 of course, but we will spend the winter pointing to those mistakes, those acquisitions, those mis-steps and those injuries that plagued us all year. From the beginning. (OK, have to do it myself: why mess with a team that won 97 games last season?) Anywho, as hard as it is for fans to watch and try to enjoy the last week of the season, it must be monumentally much harder for you guys to go out there day after day and play out the season. I love to see the heart in this team, which at this very moment as I’m typing this, Jeff Baker just hit a 2 run HR!!! Gotta love it! Don’t want to just “give it” to the Cards, do we.
    Bradley needed to go, I’m sorry to say. I (and many, many fans, contrary to his belief), and you and your teammates, gave him a lot of leeway. Enough was enough. I give Hendry credit for suspending him, finally. Good riddance. I wish him well, but not in a Cub uniform.
    My point in writing this is: thanks for being professionals, still playing the game thought it doesn’t matter in the standings. It matters to US. And let’s end this crappy year on a high note and ride it all the way into Mesa and on into 2010!! Heal up, Reed! We need you back next season!

  2. volz921@sbcglobal.net

    I don’t know what’s more exciting – seeing Lee steal his first base this year, just seeing Jeff Baker hit the two run homer in the 9th or seeing you back yesterday – o.k., to avoid elimination, seeing Baker hit the homer to put us ahead 3-2, but that does not take away a second of how much I missed seeing you play the last month and a half (or so) – seemed like forever – and seeing how much the team suffered without your spark. Oof Wah – give Baker a hug for me Reed! Love you all more than you know!!!!!!!!! I STILL HAVE HOPE!!!! UNTIL THE 3RD OUT – I WILL BELIEVE!!!! It is so nice to see bits of magic here and there like all of last year.

  3. volz921@sbcglobal.net

    Just want to throw this out there – I think that it would be fun to petition Chicago to change the zip code of Wrigley Field from 60613 to 61908. Get the “13” out of the zip code and use a more powerful, positive number, the last year the Cubbies won the World Series, 1908. I don’t believe in luck but this would be fun – it does not involve killing goats, the blessing of greek priests or black cats – though it may irritate the postal workers of Chicago a bit. With as superstitious as everyone around Wrigley is, I’m surprised that this subject has not been visited before. 61908 is available and should be used for Wrigley alone. Couldn’t hurt to consider this for next year!

  4. etheredge1

    Good to see you back Reed; the team sure has missed you. I don’t know how things will play out in the off-season, but if there is any chance, I hope you re-sign. Would love to see you back in Cubby Blue next year.

  5. whattosay@hotmail.com

    I can’t remember a time when I have trusted Cubs’ management less. Lou wanted a left handed hitter. Hendry ripped the team apart and brought in a known cancer. I don’t trust any moves that Hendry will make this off season. Reed, as a free agent, I know that you could possibly play for another team next year. If that happens, please always know that we consider you a CUB. You are what is best about Cub players. You throw your body around out there on the field, giving every part of your heart to the team and the fans. We appreciate that and we appreciate that you understand what being a Cub means to the fans. I pray you’ll be back next year. We need more players iwth your attitude.

  6. millirose

    It was so great to see you back in the lineup! Then to have you hit the double during your first at-bat back, wow!! You have been missed and hoping that next year they will be smart enough to keep you and give you more playing time!! Go Cubbies in 2010!

  7. mhi2sense

    #1…. The city of Chicago has nothing to do with postal codes… try the post office for that….. #2… the last time you didn’t trust management was every stinkin year before Hendry….. hope that jars your memory…..#3…yes please return to the team next year Reed…. I think Lou will play you more next year and you have earned your starting spot in my opinion.. but even if you play for another team, best wishes… you’ve earned my respect as a baseball player and come across a pretty good guy… however it plays out… I thank ya for the hard play and the want to win.. well done

  8. cobinwv3@aol.com

    Hey Reed!
    Just wanted to tell you that it was great seeing you on the field in San Fran! Great game and great hitting! You ALWAYS give it your all!!! I am just thrilled to see you back! Hope your pain wasn’t too bad but thanks so much for showing us what a real team mate is all about!!! What a role model you are and I sure hope to see you in a CUBS uniform and STARTING next season!!

  9. go1demp1go

    Reed Johnson,

    I was so glad to see you in action again. I really hope the Cubs bring you back next year.

    I have been a Cub fan my whole life — 31 years. My husband and I decided to spend our vacation at Wrigley this year. I bought jerseys of my favorite players for the season — Johnson, Marshall, and Hoffpauir?s.

    Yesterday before we went in, we decided not to use our original tickets that we bought on the first day when tickets went on sale, and instead we splurged and bought great seats. (section 6 row 1?compared to our original 508 section tickets). I just happened to be wearing my Marshall jersey and I was so excited when we found out that our seats were literally 2 feet away from Sean Marshall. What made it better was he actually signed the back of my jersey. I was star struck; all I could say was thank you. I don?t think he knows that he made my year.

    I can?t wait until tonight?s game. I hope you are playing, since I will have your jersey on tonight?hopefully I will be able to get a picture of Santo in the radio booth today or tomorrow.

    So far, this is the best vacation EVER!!!

    September 29, 2009

  10. cubbiegirls

    Late to the party – it’s been great seeing you back out there. I hope you’re back next year, Reed. SPECIFICALLY, with the Cubs, duh.

  11. santo_4_hof

    Reed – it’s good to see you back in the lineup after such a trying rehab. I know I speek for many fans when I say we’d love to have you back in Cubbie blue in 2010. I love the way you play the game. I know I’ll never have to worry about a lack of hussle from you!

    How’s the Merc? Would love to see some pictures!

  12. bjodgers_10@hotmail.com

    Reed, Where do I even begin. Webster’s definition of unbelievable – Meaning: too extraordinary or improbable to believe or in other words Reed Johnson should be the definition. Out of all the baseball players in Major League Baseball, you by far were the one who showed the most heart, determination, enthusiasm, focus and LOVE for the game. You changed baseball. From a fans view, watching you hustle and sacrifice yourself for a play, is the most amazing site to see. I have to admit, the first time I saw you play, the blue socks is what got me sold! You bring so much to the Cubs, you have a great attitude, are not selfish, and are willing to do whatever it is to help your team. Wow, how many players can someone say that about? Not many, which make you unique. Isn’t that was baseball is about, you never complained about money or not having enough of it, all you want to do is PLAY the game! Because that is where your heart is. To even think that you may not be a part of the Cubs organization is absurd to me! What are they thinking letting a KEY player like yourself go?! Don’t they want to build this team up? I am baffled at this, and it breaks my heart to think that you won’t be there for the 2010 season. This January, I will be at the Cubs Convention with the hope that you were going to be there, my hopes are still high as I don’t want to accept that you won’t be on that roster. I am disgusted with the new ownership already because they didn’t sign you right away. I will always be a REED JOHNSON fan! There is no one out there that plays with so much guts and glory as you do. Man, if I could have bought the Cubs, you would have been the first player I signed. The fans will definitely miss you my friend, and I hope that this horrible management regrets ever letting you go! One more thing, Thank you for bringing the enjoyment of Baseball back into my life! I wish you well with your future endeavors, to me you will always be #9 Reed Johnson from the Chicago Cubs!

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