10/3 Good fans & growth spurts

Sunday could be my last game with the Cubs, but that’s how you have to approach every day, even if it’s not the last day of the season. You never know — you might go out on the field and run into a wall or have a bad injury and never play the game again. That’s the approach you should take every time you go on the field — that it’s your last game. Sometimes you forget that.

When you have injuries like I had this year, it reminds you of how much you enjoy playing the game and especially how much you enjoy being in a city like this. Hopefully, there’s something they can do to get me back here.

I know there’s some priorities on the team above me, and I understand that. They’re going to try to make this team better, whichever way they can. If it’s me they talk to first or I’m one of the last free agent acquisitions in the offseason, we’ll just wait and see. This has been the best two years of my career. After coming from Toronto and coming to an organization that has so much tradition and so much fan support, it’s been a relief. Like the other guys who have played here before, if you’re a free agent looking in, this is a great place to play. There have been multiple players who have made the same comment that if you play a 15-year career, you should play at least one year at Wrigley. Fortunately, I’ve been able to get two under my belt so far.

It’s a tough goodbye but at the same time, hopefully there’s more memories for myself and the fans. Hopefully, I can be a part of something special, which would, I’m sure, please the whole city for a long, long time.

As for Font, they should look for some type of medicine in the offseason to help him grow. It’s going to be tough for him. I don’t know if they have machines to hook him up to and stretch him out or whatever. Maybe he’s only 12. Maybe he has a fake birth certificate. Maybe he could hit a growth spurt in the offseason. We’ll see.

— Reed


  1. tortuguita5

    Thank you so much Reed for everything you have brought to this team. We are all keeping are fingers crossed that you will be back next year. Not only are you a fantastic player but your positive, supportive attitude is irreplaceable.

    I’m happy I will be there tomorrow to see you all. No matter what any one says, it was a great season. There were a lot of bumps in the road, that no one could have predicted, but you guys did your best. Good luck Reed, we need you in Chicago!!!

  2. tamster040987@comcast.net

    Hey Reed. I just wanted to say that as a die hard Cubs fan I have loved watching you play for the team and hope that you come back and play for us again. You are such an amazing baseball player and I have loved reading your blogs. Thanks for all you have brought to the team already. I will be hoping to see you return to the team next year. And as for Font…I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! haha.

  3. tamster040987@comcast.net

    Hey Reed. I just wanted to say that as a die hard Cubs fan I have loved watching you play for the team and hope that you come back and play for us again. You are such an amazing baseball player and I have loved reading your blogs. Thanks for all you have brought to the team already. I will be hoping to see you return to the team next year. And as for Font…I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! haha.

  4. sariberri@yahoo.com

    Reed, I hope with all my might that you are a Cub next year. You are a workhorse, clearly a guy who has Cubby Blue in your heart and an all around great guy. I have really enjoyed watching your ninja-skills in the outfield. If Jim Hendry makes the mistake of not keeping you, I wish you all the best and the greatest of luck next season. No doubt in my mind that you will always be a Cub in your heart even if the uniform is different.

  5. jjchampion@gmail.com

    I’ve never commented here before, but I wanted to say thank you, Reed, for all you’ve done for the Cubs over the past two seasons. My wife and I don’t really follow the AL so I must confess that we didn’t know who you were when you joined the Cubs, but you quickly became one of our favorites with your hard-nosed gameplay and your attitude. This season has been rough, for sure, but having great guys like you on the team has kept us rooting for you and hoping for the best. It should go without saying, but hoping for the best includes the hope that you’ll be a Cub in 2010 and beyond.

    Best wishes to you and your family, whatever the future holds.

  6. s312r2s101

    Most people make jokes about Chuck Norris being the uber BA. In the Right Field Bleachers, we make jokes about the deity that is Reed Johnson.
    You’re a fan favorite, and after the debacle that was Milton Bradley. I think Hendry could it up to us by keeping you around.
    I know it doesn’t work that way, but I wish I would. You’re a great ball player.

  7. zero0410@aol.com

    Ughhhh I want you to stay with the cubs. I love making the trip out there every
    year and visiting you guys and watching you play. This has been the best team
    and my favorite place to come watch you play. I’m hoping you stay. I love you

    love, bri

  8. insobaseball

    Hey Reed! I know I echo all of your fans when I say, “We Want You Back!” I loved how Ted Lilly wore that t-shirt the other day, the one you received from a flight attendant? I mentioned earlier on this blog about how last year I wanted to make t-shirts with the slogan, “I feel the need…the need for Reed!” modeled after the Top Gun scene. But I never did, now I wish I had! Not to sell them honestly but to provide a way for all of us Cub fans to show our appreciation and love and respect for you as a ballplayer.
    I am somewhat saddened by your last post; I realize you want to say goodbye should it come to that, but let’s all be more optimistic! You are a valuable and versatile team mate. Nothing confirmed that more than this season when you got hurt, and Sori got hurt, and Bradley…well, Bradley. If you had not been injured, things could have been different. We all realize that we have some outstanding up and coming talent, we’re lucky for that. But if Jim H has learned anything this past season it’s that you keep the contributors; the day-in, day-out guys that are always going to give it 110%. The guys that are good in the clubhouse; the guys that will do whatever is asked of them. (I refer here to letting DeRo go last year.) Granted, you may not be the marquis (another pun, sorry to see him go last year too) player we all want you to be, but you are a player that is a part of the core of a TEAM. Not the superstar, not the troublemaker, not the underachiever. But the workhorse. Every team needs that. I hope we as Cub fans get the opportunity to see you once again leaving it all out on the field — our Wrigley Field — next season and beyond.
    Thanks for everything.

  9. ms.immy

    Reed. Thanks for all that you have done for the Cubs. You are the type of player that all young children should have for a role model…one that hustles, cares, and gives it his all. I truly hope that you are back in Chicago next year…the Cubs need you. Thanks for your blog this past year. It has helped us to see all of you as people and not just players on the team. I wish you the best….and remember that no matter where you play next season…you’ll always be a Cub.

  10. alwaystrueblue

    Hi Reed, I’ve really enjoyed your blog all season & hope to be reading another one next year. If Jim Hendry has any sense he will bring you back for at least another year & maybe 2. I didn’t know anything about you, since I don’t follow the AL much, but what a pleasant surprise when I saw you play ! ! ! I like your style of play & attitude & wish you could be a starter for the Cubs in 2010.
    Here’s hoping,


  11. stevellis21

    It was great having you on the team! I hope they can find a way to keep you in the lineup, and extend your contract. I go t o spring training every year, and you have always been cool, and great with the fans. You have been a very important member of the Cubs. Hope to see you in February!

  12. mhi2sense

    To the Ricketts family, The Chicago Cubs, Jim Hendry, and God…….. The Cubs were in 1st place when Reed Johnson went down… thee end… Please do what it takes to bring Reed Johnson back if Reed wants to come back… and if Reed and his agent have different plans.. Thanks…. I think I will judge if I like the new owners by how they handle the Reed Johnson situation… If Ricketts are smart enough to bring back Reed, I will think highly of the new owners…If they let Reed go, I will think poorly of the new owners.. Reed not only deserves an extension, but a pay increase as well… Out of everyone I want to see back..Reed Johnson is the guy… please !!

  13. 2cubs17

    Thank you for everything you’ve done for the Cubs these past 2 years. I’m really hoping (and praying) we see you in 2010, this team needs players like you who play with their heart, hustle, and appreciate and care about what you do everyday on and off the field. You are a true Cub not just because of your talent but because of the way to play the game. We are lucky to have you, you certainly gave us fans something to cheer about. I sincerely appreciate the the kind words you have always had about the Cubs, the city, and us Cub fans. You’re a class act. And you’re NOT done wearing Cubbie Blue yet!!!!

  14. eamus.catuli42@gmail.com

    Regardless what happens this offseason I want to say, thank you Reed Johnson… for two memorable seasons of feisty play, an exemplary attitude and all the Mike Fontenot jokes a girl could possibly ask for. I appreciate it and, obviously, so does every other blue-bleeding Cubs fan. 🙂

  15. cobinwv3@aol.com

    Hey Reed,
    I echo all of the above comments about and to you and the Cubs organization. Your postgame interview on Saturday was AWESOME and sure told everyone who you are! Thank you for having the heart and soul of baseball and for loving the game and for playing your heart out the past two seasons with the CUBS!!! I am a die hard CUB fan but I will follow your career wherever it takes you sir! You are a rare breed, like Ryne Sandburg, and they don’t make em like you anymore. Best of luck to you sir and I sure hope to find you in the CUBS line up come this spring!

  16. ramos106@cox.net

    Reed, I hope you are back next year, you are by far my favorite player. I really enjoy watching you play. Once a Cub, always a Cub. Have a good winter and stay healthy. I will be praying for you to return.–Lori

  17. betsybaron59@yahoo.com

    My toes & fingers are crossed that you will be back next year with the Cubs! You are one of the BEST players that has ever happened to the Cubs!! You inspiration and dedication to the game are amazing! There should be more players out there like you! I’m happy that the Cubs were lucky enough to get you when they did and I really hope they hang on to you!
    Thanks for the memories Reed….”For Love of the Game” you are the best!!!

  18. dacubs1204@yahoo.com

    With Reed We Will Succeed…Agreed! Reed you are such a great ballplayer. I think i speak for all Cubs fans when I say that I want you back. I love watching you play and making such incredible plays. When you play we fans truly do not know what amazing play you will make that day. You are definitely one of my favorite Cubs and I want you back.

    Wherever you go, Good Luck

  19. go1demp1go

    Thanks for playing with all of your heart and soul. It was fun watching you in action for the past two years. I also enjoyed reading your blog this year. I was so glad that you were able to play the last few weeks of the season. You are a class act.

    Thank you for signing my ‘Johnson’ jersey after the game on Sunday before you drove away for the season. The fans were thrilled that you took time out for us before you left. Everyone there kept saying they hope you will be driving back to Wrigley as a Cub again next season.

    Good luck, and God Bless.

  20. lily76365

    Don’t leave us Reed!! I know it wouldn’t be your choice to leave, but I don’t want to see you go. I was devastated when they stupidly traded DeRosa and Woody. I will feel the same way if they don’t sign you again. You have been awesome. I will never forget the play you made against the Nationals– I think that was the opposing team! Even when you don’t play, we as fans, appreciate you. There are certain players that may have their struggles and yet never really get booed. You know why? Because of the type of player and person they seem to be. You make it fun to watch the game even when you pinch hit because its obvious that you love the game and love being a Cub. I hope you are here with us next year, but if not, you will always be a part of the Chicago Cubs. I always say “Once a Cub, always a Cub” and you will always be treated as such no matter what other team you may be playing for. I’m rambling but you get my point! LOL
    Oh yeah, if you can’t tell, I have a crush on you. : )

  21. marrod1964@yahoo.com

    I just wanted to say thanks for your outstanding effort and attitude this season. I wish you could have played more games because you always make the game more exciting to watch because of your dazzling defense and your all around hustle. Hendry would have to be insane to let you go. If this year taught us anything, chemistry and good leadership and a passion for the game is the difference between a good team and a great team. You are a great role model for younger guys coming up on how the game is to be played. I’m sure Fuld and the others have learned a thing or two from watching you. I pray I get to see you in center field at Wrigley next year, but if not, I thank you for being a great ballplayer and more important a great human being.( not to mention,easy on the eyes!) Have a great offseason and don’t forget how much you are loved by your Cubbie fans! Sincerely, Mary Rodriguez

  22. rynoccm


    Thanks for all the great times and memories. I really hope you can be back next year. You have made two of the best catches I have ever seen. Above all else, thanks for playing hard every day and playing the game the right way. I love watching how you play every time you are in the lineup, you are a true baseball player. If only some of the young hot shots in the league could model their game after yours. Here’s to you hopefully being in a Cubbies uniform next year! Have a fun offseason!

  23. schaefman

    I am hoping you will be back Reed. I know that the club has its own priorities, but you have brought more to the team than can be measured in the numbers.

    When you arrived, Mark DeRosa and Derrick Lee were my favorite Cubs, because of how they played, and their attitudes.

    You have the same sort of attitude, and you play at least as hard as anyone, so my wife and I rate you amongst our favorite Cubs. Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate the whole team. You, Ryan(s), Derrick, and a few others, just top the list, that’s all.

    When some folks come in, they play well, and do a nice job, but don’t necessarily become “Cubs”. I will leave the examples out… You became “Cub” immediately, just like Lee, DeRosa, Theriot… You all play your hearts out… I hope you stick around.

  24. musiccub

    Reed, the Cubs higher-ups would be foolish not to bring you back next season. From your stellar defense to your great bat (not to mention the speed you have!), I don’t see why they would let you go. I will personally talk to whoever I need to and make sure you are with the Cubs.

  25. realrent

    You can’t replace Wigley friend, Cant. Isn’t possible. Didn’t we declare it a landmark yet. I can’t believe they want to move out, from what i heard. Good read, Reed. 😉
    Two Voices | Two Guys

  26. edelweiss

    We don’t think Mikey needs to grow. As it was, Piniella set the bar higher for him than for anyone else on the team. No other regular on the team was asked to play an unfamiliar position for half the season, and then criticised when his hitting took a turn for the worse, even though almost the entire team hit poorly this year. No one said Soto was not an every day player when he hit even worse than Mikey, and was not asked to play third base. If Mike were to grow, the bar might be set even higher, but he won’t – that ship has sailed. If Mike were bigger, he might not have the drive, determination, and speed that he has. On the other hand, if he were bigger, maybe the press and his manager would treat him more objectively. The Cubs are a better team when he plays.

  27. edelweiss

    Should Mikey grow? That’s hard to say. As it is, Piniella set the bar higher for him than anyone else on the team. None of the other regulars were asked to play an unfamiliar position for half the season, and then given such criticism when his hitting tanked. Almost the entire team hit poorly this year, even though they were not asked to make such a sacrifice, and none of the players were said to not be everyday players when that happened. Too bad there is not a magic potion to make a mature man taller, because if there were, Mike might get a fairer shake.

  28. jakki218

    Thanks for the blog this year and I, along with many other cub fans, hope you’re back next year! Hopefully we’ll see you at the convention in January! Despite the injury, thank you for eveyrthing you bring to this team – Milton could certainly learn from you!

    I know Font had a tough year at the plate but I don’t think he needs to grow – good things come in small packages! 🙂

  29. schmitz8500@yahoo.com

    Hey Reed! Thank you for the great blog and for being such a great sport! You are truly an inspiration to Cub fans everywhere. I truly hope to see you in center in the 2010 season. Hey if you’re a Cub next year, can you write the blog? I enjoyed your entries and enthusiastic attitude!
    Thanks for a great year!! Nancy

  30. randyfan36

    Hey Reed,
    I was at the game on October 3 (my birthday). I got to see some of you guys in real life for the first time! Randy, Geo, Sandberg (7th inn. stretch), Fukudome, Baker, You. I am being serious when I say it was the best day of my life. Hendry has to sign you We want to see more WebGems! The season didn’t go the way we thought but you have to go through tough times to make the good times even sweeter. I can’t wait for Spring Training!

    Good Luck Reed!


  31. millirose

    I am really hoping that you are resigned. This team needs you, the city of Chicago needs you…us stuck in Utah need you. 🙂 You are a spark plug for this team. Injuries kept you on the bench and unfortunately the only game I got to see this year, you were out with your fractured foot so I didn’t get to even see you pinch hit. 😦 So next year, when I come to Chicago for a series, I will be looking for you! My fingers are crossed that they’ll resign you. As for picking on Fontenot, I love it! He is one of my faves and the things you say are hilarious! Keep your head up, looking forward to seeing you in Cubbie blue again next year!

  32. cubs1fan9@yahoo.com

    Reed thanks for the last 2 years you were playing with us. Im only 13 years old but i love baseball and you are diffently one of my favorite cubs that i have seen play in the outfield. Even though you didnt get to play alot this year because your injory i hope next year that you are back with us and you can make some more unbelievable catches again. Again thanks so much for the last couple years and I hope to see you with the cubbies next year!!!!!!

    Cubs in 010!

  33. redneck83

    Reed it is so refreshing to see someone go out a play every game to their fullest potential. I have loved watching your diving catches, clutch hits, and never-say-die baserunning. I hope to God you come back for a good long time, but if you do not know that I will still root for you as a player no matter the team. Best wishes.

  34. cozzi22

    Reed, I cannot thank you enough for all the great things you have done for the Cubs and the city of Chicago. I really want to see you stay in the blue pinstripes, but whatever the future holds for you I wish you the very best- you deserve it. I don’t want this team to lose your amazing leadership, do-whatever-it-takes attitude, and fearless play in the outfield. I have loved reading your blog this year, and I really hope I will be doing it again next year. I am very proud of what you and the Cubs have accomplished this year despite all the setbacks.

    Good luck Reed

  35. kelbut33@comcast.net

    I truly hope you will be back. You are an amazing human and ball player. Your love for the Cubs and the city of Chicago makes me so happy! I LOVE to watch you play!!

  36. amypayton

    NOOOOOO they best not let you go! It was painful enough to see Mark DeRosa get let go but we still had you and you guys are my 2 favs. We even came to the Oct 3rd game to see you play for my husbands 30th b-day because you are also his fav. If you go I might cry 😦 You are the best and if you leave the team that gets to have you is the luckiest team in the world!

  37. redmmprincess@hotmail.com

    If Lou sent nine players out on the field daily that played as hard as Reed Johnson, we wouldn’t be “waiting ’til next year.” I may never understand the politics of this game. You should hold your head high, as you give 110% every time you walk out on that field, and you should know that the fans appreciate it!!!

    Forever a fan,

  38. believeinblue

    Reed, I REALLY hope you come back! You’re a true cub and you will always be a cub. The way you bust it day after day truly makes you special, and we fans appreciate your efforts and all tho ephenomenal catches you’ve made! We will never forget ANY of them, and we hope you stay in Cubbie blue for a very long time! I can’t imagine the World Series team in 2010 without you on it!

    Have a great offseason Reed, and I can’t wait to watch you play next year!

  39. smilindida

    Reed~ Even though this comment is coming in late, know that we are still rooting for you to come back to us next season! You are an amazing baseball player in every aspect of the game, and you have truly captured the tradition and passion of the Cubs!! As a tried and true fan, I have seen many great players come and go throughout my life time, and you are a great attribute of this team, and I hope to see you your positive attitude and amazing talent on that field next season!

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