My Wrigley Return

It’s definitely different coming back here to Wrigley Field. After playing here for two years, driving to the park, walking past the home clubhouse, after you’ve played in a place for a while, it’s a strange feeling coming back. This will be a good test for us as a team, though, to see where we’re at. Those guys are playing better and they’re one of those teams that, you have to figure, will be there at the end of the year with the talent they have. I got a chance to see some of my friends over there a little earlier. Ted Lilly, we played together in Toronto and here. Theriot and Fontenot. You develop relationships in this game, even though you realize how tough it is to stay in one spot for any length of time. — Reed


  1. swoooper3

    Man what a tough lost last night, looked like Demp was just on his game. It’s all good cause the best thing about is theres still 2 more games in the series… Get SOME!!!!!!

    Reed, can you help me out. I’m a die hard Easton fan and I’ve been looking everwhere for the Easton all grey batting gloves that Ethier wears and for the all blue batting gloves that kemp wears. Those guys don’t have blogs like you do, so I don’t have away of asking them how I can get those gloves. Could you help me out on where to find them. I’ve tried contacting Easton and they return calls. I know this sounds desperate and pretty lame that I’m hitting you up for this, but you seem like a great guy and I respect how you play the game. Shoot Easton should sign you to their team, your a blue collar guy who treats the game how it should be.


    We are coming to the game tomorrow! It’s my son’s first wrigley field trip. Looking forward to seeing you play again. I want to thank you for being the hard nosed player you are. I am so glad he chose you to follow. We will also be at one of the games when the Dodgers come to Milwaukee.

  3. kobofkorn

    I sat in the bleachers for the first time tonight just to see you play. I was even wearing my Reed Johnson jersey. I was really happy to hear people clap and cheer for you! I wish I had been able to sit out in the bleachers when you were a Cub but it was still cool to see you play again = ) while it kinda sucked that you drove in a run and scored one against us ( = P ), I’m glad you’re doing well and I wish you success wherever you play! Keep up the great work.


    I was so excited that you were going to play against the Cubs! I wore my Cubs Johnson shirt and everything. And then, my two favorite players on my least favorite team didn’t play!!! (You and Ethier). Then the next day, the tv announcers made this big deal on how you played for the cubs. And that double was amazing!! Luckly the Cubs won the series:) Thanks for coming back!!
    Ps: I LOVE your new beared.

  5. booboochen

    That was one exciting game in Denver! Hope the momentum continues. You’ve been playing great, so glad to have you on the Blue. You and Casey look great with the beards.


    Well, I just think that you are one of the coolest baseball people to play the game. I’m a huge Cubs fan and when I heard you were leaving, I was miserable. My family and I were hoping to go out to California to see you guys play the Cubs but we are going later. Is there some way you could try to come back. I really need a smaller jersey. I went to this store and bought a XXL shirt becuz that’s all they had and Im a small. If you could contact me some time, that would make my day. I hope to meet you someday.

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