10/20 Thanks

Thanks to everyone who checked out my blog. Hope to be back next year.

— Reed


  1. patricksully

    Thank you Reed! It was really fun reading about your experiences!! Hope you’re back with the Cubbies next season.

  2. millirose

    We all hope you’ll be back, too! I would like to see you playing everyday. You are such a spark to the team, you hustle, you show heart and you believe no ball is out of your reach. Including ones that you have to go through ivy and brick to get! Have a great off season and here is hoping they are smart enough to resign you! 2010 is the year for the Cubs!

  3. softballgurli34@comcast.net

    Reed! you’re my favorite cub!! i really hope to see you next year! when my friends and i went to games we brought signs for you saying we love your bald head!!
    ps tell ryan theriot nikki says hi and god bless!

  4. insobaseball

    Well, thank YOU Reed! I truly hope this isn’t my last comment on your Cubs’ blog, and clearly that it isn’t yours. Mark DeRosa did the blog last year, and we lost him from our team. You did a great job for us fans filling the void. Thanks again.
    And, you must know you have tons of Cub fans pulling for you. While they may not be the most vocal, and they know they have little impact on front office decisions, we hope and pray that you will be back with us. You probably get sick of hearing it, but you seem to be the definition of a ballplayer; hard-working, dedicated, passionate, team-oriented. Etc. And may the powers that be bring back your particular brand of Etc……..!
    All the best, T

  5. bab51

    Hey Reed, thanks for the great year! It was always great to see you take the field and give 110%. I sure hope you are back next year!

  6. cubslove52

    I hope so too, but know that I, like many other Cubs fans will love and support you no matter where you are. Don’t ever change who you are as a person (cuz I’m sure you rock!) or the type of baseball player that you are, there are very few players out there like you. Thanks for everything and take care.

    Much love Reedy

  7. cubsfan102003@yahoo.com

    I am sincerely hoping to see you in Cubbie Blue for many years to come. There aren’t many guys who play the game the way you do anymore, the right way. Your style of play reminds me very much of one of my favorite all time Cubs, Mark Grace. Mark once wore a shirt that said “Shut Up And Play”, and that is the kind of attitude I see you having out there. I believe Theriot and Fontenot play the game that way also, and I know DeRosa did. I really hope the Cubs bring him back too.

    If a team was assembled of 9 guys who play like you and DeRosa, they’d be in the WS every year. Who needs the kind of guys that shorten a double or triple into a single because they watched it bounce off the center field fence? Not me.

    Anyway, I just learned of your Blog today. How I have missed it all year is beyond me, I guess I didn’t pay close enough attention. I apologize for that. I read through the entire thing today, and really enjoyed reading it. Good stuff. I really enjoyed the ribbing you gave Fontenot and a bit to Theriot and Dempster.

    I also really enjoyed reading about your ’51 Merc. I was trying to find your updates about it, and didn’t see them. Did I miss them somewhere? I’m really interested in seeing how the project is going. Pictures would be awesome too. I’m a car nut myself, and have always really liked the ’49-’51 Merc’s and Ford’s. Sharp looking cars, especially when chopped. Good luck to you, and keep up the good work wherever you may end up. Hopefully in Wrigley Field for a long time. Thanks, Tom

  8. bored.to.death4@gmail.com

    I had alot of fun reading your blog every week or so. I wish you had played more often ’cause i wore my Johnson shirt so much, and it was sad you got hurt often. I hope you’ll write alot next year to…and you’ll still be with the cubs!!!!

  9. onebigdad@hotmail.com

    Hey Reed,
    If it was up to me you would have been starting every day (barring injury of course). Seems like you made the highlight reel every time you did play! If they leave signing you up to a vote from the fans, you got mine big guy. Hang in there and stay healthy!

    See you on the field next year!

  10. fkoulk@embarqmail.com

    Reed i love a hard nose ball player like yourself and several other cubs you always hustle and never embarass your self i hope your back and stay a long time if they don’t sign you they need some serious help in their though process

  11. cubbiegirl@ymail.com

    Reed, You may be one of the “boys of summer” but I live in AZ and you will always be the boys of spring to me. You are the most dynamic person on the team and I hope I will get to see you play again in cubbie blue. I love telling my son to watch you and learn from you. We have seen incredible hits, catches at the wall and unfortunately a hit by a pitch that didn’t stop you for a second. If you do go to a different team, I will still cheer you on. You will always be one of my favorites. See you in March or April? I can’t wait.

  12. cobinwv3@aol.com

    Thanks for the blogs, Reed. You did a terrific job on paper and even better on the field! I hope you have a great off season and find time to work on that play toy car of yours… Paint it CUBBY BLUE cause the home office would be sooo stupid if they let you slip away!! I hope your back for years to come but if not, I will follow you. (Even though I bleed Cubbie BLUE) You are a true player with heart and soul for the game. You are a joy to watch each and every time you take the field. Best of luck to you and I sure hope to see you in Arizona in a Cubs uniform come spring!!!

  13. cobinwv3@aol.com

    Hey Reed! CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival, Tyce!! I hope that you and your wife are platooning the evening shift and getting a little rest at night! Enjoy the time off with him! Sure hope to see you next season!

  14. stevewainright@hotmail.com

    I’m sure Cubs fans will eat me alive for saying this…but…..


  15. mlb@cyranojoe.com

    Stick with us, man. You make the players around you a little better every day. You’ve got Hall of Fame guts, even if you are one of those freaks of nature who are way taller than me. 😉

  16. elle31@gmail.com

    Reed, You have got to be the hardest working player I’ve ever seen. I’ve always been a Cubs fan, but I’ve never really had a “favorite” Cub until you came to my beloved team. I thank you for many moments of pure enjoyment, watching all your spectacular plays these past couple of years. I have lots of Cubs shirts, but never had a players shirt… Well, this year I got another Cubs shirt, just so I could wear my favorite… Johnson 9. I hope to see you back in ’10, but if not, I’ll surely follow you and how you’re doing no matter where you go. Thank you for making my past two summers better. Blessings and health to you, Elizabeth. d:)

  17. Jonah

    I agree with the guy three previous comments ago; Reed, you gotta come back to the Blue Jays. You’re missing out on getting that powder blue ’80s jersey dirty. And with the hightop blue socks? Damn…that’s throwback. Well, probably not as throwback as the stirrups that Brian Tallet used in one start.


  18. cubbiegirls

    Hey Reed,

    No idea if you’re checking the comments. Just saw that we signed Byrd, and it makes me think that you won’t get re-signed, which pretty much…blows. I’m going to miss seeing you make insane catches. I hope I’m wrong, but the team management has pretty much destroyed my faith in their leadership since the dismantling of the 08 team.

    Where ever you land, I hope you do well. You’re going to be missed around here.

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